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Cinema International Essay Contest

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Cinema International Essay Contest

Award:   $500 Credit towards a KIIS Study Abroad Program  

Eligibility:   This competition is open to any Murray State University student who is eligible to study abroad summer or fall 2012.  

Challenge:   Select a film presented in the Spring 2012 Cinema International showings, analyze it by developing a clear, interesting, original response in an essay of 1300-1600 words (fulfilling format guidelines below):

What do you see as the overall theme/ question/ message of the film and how do several of the scenes in the film illustrate this theme and contribute to the viewer’s understanding thereof?


Evaluation:   A committee of faculty film-goers will select the winning essay for its superior demonstration of;

  • a thoughtful engagement with the selected film;
  •  the ability to articulate a thesis-a clear, compelling, original response to a selected question;
  • skill in organizing and developing a thesis using relevant evidence from the film;
  • respect for the conventions of academic writing. Essays found plagiarizing from internet or other sources will be discarded.

Readers will evaluate each essay according to the following:

Possible Points
Extent to which the essay articulates a clear, precise, interesting, and original thesis-an answer to the selected question: 25
Extent to which the essay provides support of the thesis in unified, well-developed, coherent paragraphs and a logical organization of ideas: 25
Extent to which the essay develops key ideas with appropriate, accurate evidence from the selected film, convincingly explained: 25
Extent to which this essay demonstrates original insight, presented in an engaging voice: 15
Extent to which this essay reflects careful editing for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. 10



Format:   Your finished essay should be saved as a Word (or rich-text format) document between 1300-1600 words long, double-spaced, using a standard type font, 11 to 12 point in size, with pages set up in portrait with margins approximately 1” on all sides.  The first page of text should begin with your title, centered on the top line; unless your title includes material quoted from another work, you should neither underline nor italicize it, nor should you place it in quotation marks.  Please do not indicate your name on any pages.  Instead, repeat a short form of your title in the upper right header, followed by the page number, and preface your submission with the cover sheet below. 

Cover Sheet:

  • Essay title
  • Question to which this essay responds
  • Cinema International Film Analyzed
  • Essay author's name
  • Local phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Prospective KIIS study abroad program/program dates
  • Checked and signed statement of authorship
Submission Deadline:  

Deliver your essay and cover sheet (following specified format guidelines) as an attachment e-mailed to rebert@murraystate.edu no later than Monday, April 9, 2012 at 12:00 noon.


Send/bring in a hard copy of statement of authorship to Dr. Reika Ebert, Dept. of Modern Languages, 4A Faculty Hall or scanned/emailed to rebert@murraystate.edu


Click here for printable PDF of contest guidelines

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