Liberal Arts Field in Spanish

Advisor: Dr. Reika Ebert
Required Courses - 6 hours
  SPA 301   Conversation and Composition 1
  SPA 302   Conversation and Composition 2
Electives - 12 hours
  Any four of the following, with at least one 400-level course:
  SPA 306   Introduction to Spanish Literature
  SPA 310   Conversation and Composition Abroad
  SPA 311   Business Spanish
  SPA 323   Spanish Culture and Civilization
  SPA 325   Spanish-American Culture
  SPA 331   Advanced Language Practice
  SPA 332   Phonetics
  SPA 401   Survey of Spanish Literature 1
  SPA 403   Survey of Spanish-American Literature
  SPA 421   Topics in Spanish Literature
  SPA 422   Topics in Spanish-American Literature
  SPA 430   Advanced Conversation and Composition
  SPA 441   Topics in Spanish Cultural Studies
  SPA 450   Literary Masterpieces in Spanish
  SPA 460   Studies in Genre
  SPA 555   Study Abroad (3-9)
  Or, with the departmental advisor's approval, other upper-level Spanish courses
Total Requirements - 18 hours