Liberal Arts Field in Sociology

Advisor: Dr. Choong-Nam Kang
Required Courses - 9 hours
  SOC 231   Social Problems
  SOC 303 (to S13)   Research Methods
          SOC 360 (starting F13)   Research Methods
  SOC 434   Sociological Theory
Electives - 9 hours
  Three of the following courses:
  SOC 250   Global Sociology
  SOC 305   Social Issues
  SOC 320   Music, Culture, and Society
  SOC 331   The Family
  SOC 332   Socialization of Youth
  SOC 334   Population Problems
  SOC 336   Individual and Society
  SOC 337   Social Stratification
  SOC 338   Criminology
  SOC 340   Sociology of Medicine
  SOC 343   Minorities in the United States
  SOC 344   The Black Experience
  SOC 380   Society and Technology
  SOC 430   American Culture
  SOC 442   Law and Society 
  SOC 435   Sociology of Work
  SOC 436   Sociology of Sports
  SOC 438   Sociology of Deviance
  Or, with the departmental advisor's approval, other upper-level Sociology courses.
Total Requirements - 18 hours