Liberal Arts Field in Religious Studies

Advisor: Dr. Kathy Callahan
Required Course - 3 hours
  RGS 309   Survey of World Religions
Electives - 15 hours
  Five additional upper division electives, two from Group A and two from Group B, plus one additional elective of choice; at least one elective must be at the 400 level.
  Group A - History of Religion
  RGS 301   Western Religious Thought in the Modern World
  RGS 302   Medieval Europe
  RGS 306   Europe in Renaissance and Reformation
  RGS 322   History of Religion in the United States
  RGS 350   Special Topics
  RGS 354   Ancient Middle East
  RGS 355   Islamic Middle East
  Group B - Approaches to Religion
  RGS 316   The Bible as Literature
  RGS 321   Philosophy of Religion
  RGS 350   Special Topics
  RGS 356   The Art of Non-Western Cultures
  RGS 395   Archeology of Religion
  RGS 415   Science and Religion
  RGS 417   Medieval Art
  RGS 420   Sociology of Religion
  RGS 425   Art of Asia
Total Requirements - 18 hours