Liberal Arts Field in Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Paula Waddill
Required Courses - 15 hours
  PSY 260   Lifespan Development
  PSY 300   Principles and Methods of Statistical Analysis
  PSY 301   Principles and Methods of Psychological Research
  PSY 303   Social Psychology
  PSY 304   Learning and Memory
     - or -    
  PSY 305   Physiological Psychology
Electives - 3 hours
  One of the following courses:
  PSY 221   Psychology of Human Sexuality
  PSY 222   Sport Psychology
  PSY 245   Law and Psychology
  PSY 304   Learning and Memory*
  PSY 305   Physiological Psychology*
  PSY 326   Psychology of Language
  PSY 327   Problem Solving and Decision Making
  PSY 390   Animal Behavior
  PSY 403   History and Systems of Psychology
  PSY 404   Drugs, Alcohol and Behavior
  PSY 405   Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  PSY 406   Personality
  PSY 407   Abnormal Psychology
  PSY 471   Behavior Modification Techniques
  Or, with the departmental advisor's approval, another upper-level Psychology course.
  *If not taken as a Required Course
Total Requirements - 18 hours