Liberal Arts Field in Economics

Advisor: David Eaton
Required Courses - 12 hours
  ECO 230   Principles of Macroeconomics
  ECO 231   Principles of Microeconomics
  ECO 310   Issues in the Global Economy
  ECO 315   Comparative Economic Systems1
  1 If a student takes ECO 315 to meet the requirements of another program's concentration, the departmental advisor or chair of the Economics & Finance Department will select another course to be substituted for the ECO 315 requirement in the Economics concentration. ECO 345 (Environmental Economics) is recommended if it is to be offered during the student's remaining time in school.
Electives - 6 hours
  Two of the following courses:
  ECO 305   Money and Banking
  ECO 330   Intermediate Macroeconomics
  ECO 331   Intermediate Microeconomics
  ECO 345   Environmental Economics
  ECO 410   Economic Development
  ECO 450   Economic Applications to Law
  ECO 570   Labor Economics
Total Requirements - 18 hours