Sample Craft Lectures

January and July Residencies

Sample Craft Lectures

Craft Lectures in poetry, fiction and nonfiction are offered every residency.  Writing is an art, but it is also a craft for which tools can be recommended, and techniques can be learned. All students are required to attend all craft lectures in all genres. 

Topics for recent craft lectures in poetry have included: 

The Line and How to Break It
Nickole Brown  

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Poets

Jeff Skinner  

At the Edges of Free Verse: Prose Poetry and Prosy Poetry:  A Consideration of Prose Poetry and Long-lined Free Verse.
Bobby C. Rogers  

Topics for recent craft lectures in fiction have included: 

The Said and the Unsaid:  Tips on Writing Dialogue
Julia Watts  

Writing Historical Fiction
Lynn Pruitt  

From Where I Stand: Some Thoughts on Perspective in Narrative Prose
Padma Viswanathan    

Topics for recent craft lectures in nonfiction have included:  

Fiction Technique in Creative Nonfiction:  The “I” as Character, and Other Imaginative Introductions of the Objective into the Subjective
Christine Hale  

Writing Through Grief
Jessica Handler  

Conventions of Form in Nonfiction
Caroline Casey