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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements (49 hours)

Four on-campus residencies (12 hours)

  • At least three must be in the student’s chosen genre.

One on-campus thesis residency (1 hour)

  • The final residency, during which students defend their theses, give teaching presentations, and participate in other exit activities, but do not attend workshop or seminars.

Three semesters of off-campus tutorial (18 hours)

  • At least two must be in the student’s chosen genre.
  • Tutorials are completed in the semester immediately following an attended residency.

One semester of field study (3 hours)

  • Should occur in the student’s second or third semester.

One semester of thesis study (6 hours)

  • Should occur at the end of the student’s program, once all other course requirements have been filled and immediately following the student’s last residency.

Three semesters of graduate-level literature courses (9 hours)

  • One class must focus on contemporary literature.

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