John Muenzberg

Lecturer of Philosophy

"I believe that an interdisciplinary approach to education is vitally important. At a basic level, philosophical study helps students to become careful and complete thinkers, which is an asset no matter what major one may have. More importantly, careful thinkers are a necessary component of a well-functioning democracy. This makes philosophic study not only valuable for the student, but an essential activity for society. "


John Muenzberg


Ph.D., Philosophy
Marquette University


B.A., Philosophy and English Literature
University of St. Thomas


Areas of Specialization

British Empiricism

Early Modern Philosophy




Courses Taught

HUM 211 The Western Humanities Tradition
PHI 201 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 202 Ethics
PHI 307 Epistemology
PHI 321 Philosophy of Religion



Dr. John Muenzberg

7C-20 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341