Andrew Black

Assistant Professor of English

Mikhail Bakhtin has written, "One's own discourse and one's own voice, although born of another or dynamically stimulated by another, will sooner or later begin to liberate themselves from the authority of the other's discourse." The classroom, then, should be a space where students study the discourse of others in order to liberate themselves, to discover their interpretive powers and their own unique voices. More than anything else, I want my students to develop their "ethos" as writers and readers, and to realize their own agency as they participate in a tradition of readers and rhetors.

Andrew Black, faculty, Murray State University Dept. of English and Philosophy 



University of Maryland


University of Memphis


Mississippi State University

Highlighted Publications 

"The Orator in the Laboratory: Rhetoric and Experimentation in Thomas Shadwell's The Virtuoso." Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 Spring (2013).

"Spacious Fields: Alexander Hamilton and the Rhetoric of Sentence Architecture." Style 49.2 (2015).

"Cannot You Trust God For a Sermon?” Anti-Methodists and the Rhetoric of Methodist Spirituality." Eighteenth-Century Life. Forthcoming.

""Perswade Us Out of Ourselves": Margaret Cavendish's Regulation of Rhetoric." The Seventeenth Century. Forthcoming.

"Lord British’s Ethics: Interrogating Virtue in the Ultima: Age of Enlightenment Series." The Computer Games Journal. Forthcoming.

Areas of Specialization

Critical Theory

History of Rhetorical Theory

Long 18th-Century Literature, Philosophy,
  Religion and Rhetoric

Media Studies


Interim Assistant Dean, 2016

Interim Director, Cinema International

Courses Taught

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry
ENG 303 British Literature to 1760
HON 251 Honors Seminar in Literature and Philosophy

Awards and Distinctions

Board of Regents Regents Teaching Award, 2017

2015 Distinguished Honors Program Professor of the Year

Harman-Ward Fellowship, 2012-13

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

American Society for 18th-Century Studies

College Composition and Communication


National Council of Teachers of English


Rhetoric Society of America



Dr. Andrew Black

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