Graduate Certificate and Masters Concentration


Nonprofit Leadership Studies

CIP 44.0702

The Nonprofit Leadership Studies Certificate program is designed for individuals working in positions such as administrative, program development, or direct services positions in a wide range of settings.  This certificate will provide additional information and skills for those with leadership responsibilities or for those wanting to move toward assuming a greater leadership role.  The courses focus on the self; working with diverse individuals and cultures; developing an understanding of and how to utilize assessments in non-clinical settings; and understanding the process of working in and with groups.  This program leads to a non-practice credential and is not approved by the Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board.

Requirements for Admission

     Students who hold an undergraduate degree, graduate degree in any field, or those currently enrolled in a graduate program may apply for the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Studies program.  

     Applicants must comply with the Murray State University requirements (see Graduate Admissions).  Additional requirements for unconditional admission are as follows:

  • for unconditional admission, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher; 

  • conditional admission will be determined by the Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Studies program.  

Total Course Requirements........................................................................12 hours

NLS   601   Seminar on Nonprofit Organizations

NLS   602   Financial Resource Management and Development

NLS   680   Special Problems in Nonprofit Organizations

NLS   685   Seminar on Leadership Development

Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership

CIP 44.0201

     The Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership will prepare individuals for leadership roles and functions to successfully work with individuals, groups, and teams in for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations at the local, regional, national, and global levels.  The 21 core course hours will provide a solid foundation of information and skills for anyone with leadership responsibilities in organizations.  Twelve hours of concentration area courses expand the individual's knowledge and skill base to focus on his/her career path.  Concentration areas include Nonprofit Leadership Studies, Public Administration, College Student Personnel, Environmental Education, Industrial Supervision, and Intercultural Communication.  With consent of the advisor, an individualized concentration area can be designed to meet specific career goals.  The M.S. in Human Development and Leadership program totals 33 semester hours.

Requirements for Admission

Unconditional Admission

   Admission is not based on any sole factor, but on a combination of the applicant's academic record, career goals, and ability to communicate through writing.  Applicants to the M.S. in Human Development and Leadership should submit both the MSU Graduate Application and a departmental application.  A 3.0 GPA must be maintained to remain in the program.  Failure to do so results in academic probation or academic suspension, per University policy.

Conditional Admission

     Conditional admission may be granted to applicants who do not meet University GPA requirements of a 3.0 GPS (based on A equals 4.0), but who demonstrate his/her capacity to succeed as evidenced through the department application.  A student who is admitted conditionally must maintain a GPA of 3.0.  Failure to do so results in academic probation or academic suspension, per University policy.

Required Core Curriculum...............................................................21 hours

ADM 630   Methods of Research


POL   660   Research

COM 639   Seminar in Conflict Resolution


HDL  655   Social Intelligence:  Interpersonal Processes

CNS  635   Human Development

HDL  625  Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services

HDL  660  Developing Human Potential Seminar

HDL  670  Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Leadership

HDL  692  Individual, Group and Team Dynamics

Nonprofit Leadership Studies Concentration

Choose any four of the five listed below:

NLS 601  Seminar on Nonprofit Organizations

NLS 602  Financial Resource Management and  Development

NLS 675  Social Entrepreneurship

NLS 680  Special Problems in Nonprofit Organizations 

NLS 685  Seminar on Leadership Development