Nonprofit Leadership Studies

Giving Back Scholars Programs


The Programs seek to advance the understanding, appreciation, and application of the principles of altruism, generosity, caring, and service to others among Murray State University students and faculty and across the Murray/Calloway County community.


The Programs are designed to operate in a coordinated way to help insure the most possible complement on the central goal of promoting “giving back” and to bring attention to the goals and commitments of the NLS Program.


The Giving Back Scholarship Program  – The Scholarship Program is designed to support NLS students who dedicate their lives to the welfare of others by “giving back”. The following criteria are used in the recruiting and selection process and describe the students who will be selected as Scholars:

  • They are active volunteers in service to others
  • They are preparing for a career in any one of the many “helping professions” that will link their work to the needs of others
  • They need financial assistance


Prospective Scholars will be identified in cooperation with the NLS faculty and staff and invited to apply.  The number of Scholars and the level of the award will depend on available resources.


The Giving Back Visiting Scholars Program  – The Visiting Scholars Program is designed to promote creative thinking and innovative practice in “giving back” by bringing national and international leaders to the University and community. The Visiting Scholars will engage residents, nonprofit staff, students, and faculty in a variety of settings to share their experiences and practices.


The Giving Back Engagement Recognition Program  – The Recognition Program is designed to promote quality volunteer-engagement in community organizations, helping residents “give back” to the community. A competitive grant/award approach will be used to recognize effective practice, with funds going to support the efforts of nonprofit leaders who are dedicated to increasing the engagement of volunteers in the programs and services of their organizations. The number and size of the awards will depend on available resources.