Tuition and Books

Question: How much does the On-campus MBA Program cost? How about the 100% Online MBA? 


  • Tuition and Fees for the 2013/2014 academic year are found on this website link:
    For 2013/2014, Kentucky-resident tuition (on-campus courses) is $446 per credit hour, or $1,338 per course. 

  • Tuition for the 100% Online MBA: Everyone (Kentucky Residents and Non-Residents) pays the same for our Online MBA Program. In 2013/14, the online tuition rates are: $628 per credit hour, or $1,884 per course. 

  • How do we get our Books?: Contact the MSU Bookstore, and give them the Semester, Course Number and Section number: such as FIN 602 Section 2 for Spring 2014. They will give you the title of the book. Go ahead and request the ISBN Number as well. Our Bookstore at Murray State University can be contacted as follows:
    Telephone: 270 809 4388 or 6993 OR 1-800-749-8580



  • All universities revise their tuition rates in succeeding academic years. For MSU, this usually happens on July 1st of every year. Our tuition rates are always modest, compared to other universities in the region and nation.