Our 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program


Arthur J. Bauernfeind Master of Business Administration


AACSB Accredited



MSU’s 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program


The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University has a 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program. No, as a student you won’t need to come to Murray, KY, except for the happy occasion of your graduation ceremony. All ten (10) graduate courses are offered completely online. We offer only the general MBA 100% online, meaning that we do not have any concentrations. Everything about our online MBA is the same as the regular MBA Program in Murray, KY, including:  

  • Admission Requirements: A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 is required for conditional admission. Within 2 months of receiving the conditional admission letter from the MBA Office, the applicant MUST submit the GRE or GMAT score specified in the conditional admission letter. At that point, the student will be fully admitted into the program (called “unconditional admission”). 

  • The 7 Core Courses: ACC 604, CIS 653, FIN 602, ECO 625, MGT 651, MKT 667, and the capstone course MGT 656. These are described, briefly, under the MBA Curriculum link on this website. As for electives, we currently offer only a specified number of these—typically MKT 675 (E-Business), MGT 653 (HR-Staffing), MGT 654 (Human Resources Management); BUS 615 (Communicating in an International Business Environment), and FIN 632 (Investment Management), among others. 

  • Application Deadlines: We have a rolling admissions process, meaning that we accept applications from students who wish to start the program in Spring, Fall, or in Summer. Although we do not have “hard” application deadlines as such, as a general rule you must submit your application and all official university transcripts early enough for us to process your paperwork. Yes, the transcripts need to be sent directly (by your previous schools, not you) to graduate admissions at Murray State University. The address is:
    Graduate Admissions
    Murray State University
    B2 Sparks Hall
    Murray, KY 42071-3312
    E-mail: msu.graduateadmissions@murraystate.edu 

  • Name of Degree (MBA): Yes, it will be the same, on your actual degree, as the on-campus, regular MBA. 

How do the 100% Online Courses Work?
All instruction is delivered online, via a program called Canvas. Some 70% of our online MBA students work full time, and therefore expect to do most of their academic work during the evenings. We know and recognize this reality, and will work with you. As for how many graduate courses you can take online each semester, we advise 2 graduate courses maximum. 

How much does the 100% Online MBA at Murray State University Cost?
See the Tuition and Books link on this website for answers. 

How Quickly can I Complete the 100% Online MBA Program at MSU?
If you already have all the MBA foundation (prerequisite) courses, you can complete our MBA within 18 months. 

How Do I apply to your 100% Online MBA Program?
The same way as the regular MBA Program. See the “MBA Application” link on this website. 

Do I need to send letters of recommendation (references) as part of the application process?
No. Please do not send any letters of recommendation.