MBA Careers

Brief Testimonial from a former MSU Student: 

“I do not mean to speak for Dr. Muuka but I would like to steal this chance to encourage you to “Foster your own unique potential”. Do not pigeon-hole your aspirations [or this economy] as stagnant or allow your optimism to be weighted by someone else’s missed experience. I believe that MBAs will be utilized and useful [required for certain career achievement]. Although affordability is quite relative to personal financial commitment, don't talk yourself out of the MBA before you really consider the benefit of lost time waiting for the economy to come back around. I believe it will—it has to”. Nancy Hart-Williams, MSU Student, July 2009
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What do people do with the MBA Degree? 

The MBA is the most versatile of all graduate degrees, in terms of the range of career options it affords you in a wide range of business fields. You can use the MBA in virtually any field, because it gives you the kind of multidimensional, multifaceted, multi-industry and multifunctional business dimension that no other graduate degree can. The MBA degree is, of course, the ultimate Career Enhancer (Pay Raises and Promotions). And, yes, you can also go on to pursue your PhD straight from the Murray MBA, as many have done in the past by going to some of the most prestigious Universities in the world.