Graduate Certificate in Organizational Dynamics

For questions or information please contact Dr. Frances Smith, Graduate Director at 270-809-3179 or

Certificate in Organizational Dynamics – Degree Requirements


The Certificate in Organizational Dynamics is designed to enhance a person’s ability to lead and be effective in an organizational setting. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and responding to internal and external issues to the organization that impact productivity, reputation, and success.  For more information please contact Dr. Steve Cox at


Total Course Requirements……(12 hrs.)

Required Courses (6 hrs.)

  • COM    685     Seminar in Organizational Communication
  • COM    639     Seminar in Conflict Resolution

Approved Electives from the following courses (6 hrs.):

  • COM    631     Interpersonal Communication at Work  (3 hrs.)
  • COM    653     Advanced Team Communication and Leadership (3 hrs.)
  • COM    673     Organizational Training and Development (3 hrs.)
  • COM    667     Organizational Learning and Dialogue (3 hrs.)
  • JMC     602     Seminar in Advertising (3 hrs.)
  • JMC     603     Seminar in Public Relations (3 hrs.)
  • MGT     651     Seminar in Organizational Behavior (3 hrs.)


Requirements for Admission:

Students who hold an undergraduate degree or are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program may apply for the Certificate in Organizational Dynamics program. Persons who already hold a graduate degree may also apply for the Certificate program.

Applicants must comply with Murray State University requirements (see Chapter 2 of current Graduate Bulletin). For unconditional admission, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher in the last two years of undergraduate work with at least a minor in communication, business, or related field.  For conditional admission, an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.50 is required.