Undergraduate Programs in Organizational Communication

"The faculty of the Organizational Communication Department have pushed me to achieve academic and professional success that I never thought was possible."

- Allie V.
Senior, Clarksville, TN

Undergraduate Programs in Organizational Communication

Every company seeks employees who can build relationships, promote ideas, bridge differences, guide teams, facilitate collaboration, motivate action, and provide leadership. These are all communication competencies that create personal and organizational success. Our undergraduate programs provide students with the aptitude to apply these skills in public and private organizations alike.

  • Major: Organizational Communication

    Students who choose to major in Organizational Communication take an in-depth journey into studying the living and breathing organization. Whether it is Fortune 500 Company or a small non-profit for service organization, all organizations are composed of people. Our Major teaches students how to employ effective strategies to gain greater outcomes in employee motivation, management, leadership, team building, interpersonal communication, organizational culture and more.

    Major in Organizational Communication Degree and Course Requirements

  • Minor: Organizational Communication

    We believe that every student on campus should have an education that prepares them for life “on the job”. Our minor educates students in specific skills in professional presentations, organizational assimilation, management philosophy, motivation and more. Whether you are majoring in public relations, advertising, youth and nonprofit leadership, chemistry, legal studies, occupational safety and health, etc., our minor prepares you for the situations you will encounter upon entering the workforce.

    Minor in Organizational Communication Degree and Course Requirements