International Business

Undergraduate programs

The Area in International Business program provides students with broad based preparation for business careers with an international focus. The internationally oriented courses in Murray State’s University Studies program are augmented with a foreign language requirement and additional studies in world geography, political science and economics. Students also complete basic business classes as well as advanced international courses in the major functional areas of business. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a study abroad experience as part of this degree. The Area in International Business degree prepares students for graduate study in International MBA programs, entry level positions in firms with existing international operations, entrepreneurial opportunities with domestic firms wishing to expand to international markets and governmental and/or non-governmental organizations whose focus is international trade support or economic development.

Dual Degree Programs in St Etienne, France
Murray State University students in the Area in International Business program may complete a dual degree program with the Ėcole Supėrieure de Commerce in Saint Etienne, France. In this program, students will complete a year of academic study at ESC-St Etienne and receive a Bachelor degree from that institution when they are awarded a BAB/BSB in International Business from Murray State. These students would then hold degrees from both institutions. The ESC-St Etienne courses in this program are taught in English. This program also allows Murray State students to study for a semester at ESC-St Etienne as exchange students without earning a dual degree.


Area in International Business

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  • University Studies Requirements for BAB: 48 - 49 hrs

  • University Studies Requirements for BSB: 42 - 43 hrs

  • Business Core Requirements: 41 hrs

  • Required Courses: 21 hrs

  • Unrestricted Electives: 9 - 10 hrs

  • Total Curriculum Requirements: 120 hrs