Emerging Technologies in Marketing

AACSB Accredited

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Marketing graduates are involved in the development of creative solutions to marketing problems that arise in the link between production of goods and services and their final use. The marketing degree prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields including retailing, sales management, advertising, and two of the fastest growing and most exciting fields international marketing and e-business.

All academic programs in the marketing area are accredited by AACSB-International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).


Emerging Technologies in Marketing Initiative

  • The Emerging Technologies in Marketing Initiative seeks to identify new technology trends which impact the discipline of Marketing and help students develop skills in the application of those tools within the discipline. Currently the Initiative encompasses technologies such as social media marketing, eCommerce, Business Geographic Information Systems (GIS), location-based services, Web design, multimedia production and publishing, online and mobile advertising, electronic survey research, and mobile marketing tools. In some cases, the technologies are covered in dedicated courses, in others they are integrated into existing courses. In addition, we offer a sophomore level course which provides an overview of these technologies and allows students to explore their potential application in marketing before committing to the Marketing degree program. As these technologies are relevant across several fields of the discipline and are useful in various career paths, we offer no formal option, minor or major in Emerging Technologies. Rather the courses in the Initiative, which are listed below, are available for students to integrate into their Marketing degree program as they deem most beneficial. 

    MKT 285 Emerging Technologies in Business
    MKT 475 Marketing Strategies for eCommerce
    MKT 485 Business GIS in Marketing
    MKT 565 Marketing Research
    MKT 569 Promotion Management
    MKT 578 Social Media and Marketing
    MKT 579 Social Media Consulting  
    MKT 585 Integrated Business GIS

Note: The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business strongly encourages students in its business programs to study abroad.  The courses marked with an asterisk are commonly taught in summer study abroad programs such as KIIS and CCSA and each fall in the Semester in Regensburg program in Germany. BPA 396: Seminar in International Business, a business elective, is frequently taught in all these settings as well as in the International Business Seminar programs over the Christmas break and in the summer. ACC 586: International Experience in Accounting is routinely offered over Spring Break as an Accounting Elective. Consult your academic advisor to determine the study abroad opportunity which best fits your needs and schedule.