TSM Curriculum

TSM Required Courses (24 hrs.)

To graduate from the TSM graduate program, all students must take the following 8 graduate courses (24 hours) and an extra two electives (6 hours).  It is a 30 credit-hour program.

Foundation Courses:

ACC 604 requires ACC 200 & ACC 201 (6 semester hours) or ACC 490 Survey of Accounting (3 semester hours) MGT 651 requires MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management (3 semester hours)

  • TSM 601: Telecommunications Principles
  • TSM 602: Telecommunications Systems
  • TSM 603: Telecommunications Project Management
  • TSM 610: Network Management
  • TSM 630: Telecommunications Legal Environment: Law, Policy and Regulation
  • TSM 680: Telecommunications Solution Development
  • ACC 604: Quantitative Financial Controls (ACC 490)
  • MGT 651: Seminar in Organizational Behavior (MGT 350)

Core WEB (online) Schedule:




TSM 602

MGT 651

TSM 601

TSM 603


TSM 610

TSM 630


TSM 680*



ACC 604

* TSM 680 is the capstone course for the TSM M.S. Before students can take TSM 680, they are required to have completed at least 18 hours of TSM graduate work (6 graduate courses) that include these core courses: MGT 651, TSM 602, TSM 603, and TSM 610.

TSM Electives (6 hours.)

In addition to the required courses, students take two elective courses.  The two courses must be at the 600 level and with a TSM, CIS, MGT, MKT, ECO, ACC, FIN or IET prefix.  Other prefixes may be used with director’s approval. Check online graduate bulletin for prerequisites and check myGate for course availability.  Note, not all 600 courses are offered online.

The following are frequently selected electives:  

Course (prerequisites)
TSM 615 (Consent of Instructor)  (Spring only)
TSM 617 (CIS 317 or consent of instructor)  (Fall only)
TSM 688 (Consent of Director) (Fall & Spring)
TSM 695 (Consent of Director) (Fall & Spring)


College of Business

Course (prerequisites)
CIS 645 (Consent of Instructor)
MKT 675 (Consent of Instructor)
MGT 652 (MGT 350)
MGT 654 (MGT 350)
MGT 655 (MGT 350)


College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Course (prerequisites)
IET 679
IET 691 (Consent of Instructor)
IET 693 (Consent of Instructor)
IET 695 (Consent of Instructor)


View the catalog to find current elective courses.

Check current Graduate Bulletin for description and prerequisites.