Center for Banking and Finance

Mission of the Center for Banking and Finance

The mission of Murray State University ’s Center for Banking and Finance is to enhance the educational opportunities of students and finance professionals with the MSU service area.

The aforementioned mission will be accomplished through the continuing fulfillment of two broad objectives. The first objective is to improve students’ banking knowledge, skills, and employment opportunities. This objective also includes increasing the number of internship opportunities available to students, which allows MSU students the ability to showcase their skills and talents while providing financial institutions a steady flow of capable and energetic employees.

The second objective is to provide professional training and development to area financial service professionals. This will allow the Center to build on already strong relationships between MSU and financial institutions located within our service area.

Any ideas or suggestions regarding conferences, training, speakers, etc. are welcomed and should be directed to Dr. Steve Lacewell at (270) 809-4285 or via email at

Accomplishments for the Center for Banking and Finance

  • Dr. Steve Lacewell, Director, has visited several local financial institutions to determine how the Center can better serve their needs.
  • Dr. Steve Lacewell, Director, has presented several papers at national and international conferences concerning bank research. He is actively seeking travel funding to present research-in-progress at future conferences.
  • Dr. Lacewell, Director, has published several studies in financial institution journals and trade publications.
  • The Center was the recipient of a $10,000 gift from US Bank.
  • The Center is actively pursuing internship opportunities for MSU students with both financial institutions and regulatory agencies such as the FDIC.
  • The Center is actively pursuing permanent employment opportunities for MSU students.
  • The Center will participate in a management training program for a local financial institution in early 2004.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Center for Banking and Finance Banking includes representatives of several banks located within the MSU service area. Advisory board members are typically senior officers within their respective organization.

The Advisory Board members serve as ambassadors for MSU and the Center. Various members of the Advisory Board mentor students participating in internships at their banks and make presentations to banking classes. The Advisory Board meets periodically to provide the Chair of Banking and other University representatives with ideas to improve the banking curricula and Center for Banking programs.

The following institutions are currently represented on the Center for Banking and Finance Advisory Board:

  • 1st Kentucky Bank
  • Independence Bank
  • BB&T
  • The Murray Bank
  • FNB Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • Heritage Bank
  • US Bank

Dr. Lacewell's Bio

Dr. Stephen K. Lacewell is Director of Murray State University’s Center for Banking and Finance and Professor of Finance in the College of Business and Public Affairs. He joined Murray State in August 1999 as a visiting assistant professor and was named Director of the Center for Banking in 2002.

After earning his undergraduate degree from The University of Tennessee at Martin in 1990 with a major in economics and a concentration in finance, Dr. Lacewell continued his education at Murray State University earning his MBA with a finance concentration in 1991. Dr. Lacewell was then employed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in Atlanta, GA and Memphis, TN. Dr. Lacewell then accepted a position as executive vice president at a commercial bank in Illinois and later in Kentucky. During this time Dr. Lacewell was teaching night classes at various universities and decided to return to school full-time to obtain his MSBA and Ph.D. in finance from Mississippi State University.

As a researcher Dr. Lacewell has published in various journals and has presented his research at academic conferences across the United States. His research specialty is in the commercial banking area but he has also published in the areas of bankruptcy and financial pedagogy.

In the consulting area Dr. Lacewell has developed and conducted various management training and development seminars for financial institutions. He has also worked with corporations on various financial issues.

Dr. Lacewell enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and hunting in his free time. He lives in Murray, KY.

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