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Hutson School of Agriculture

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Murray State University's Hutson School of Agriculture has a long-standing tradition of agricultural and academic excellence. The School of Agriculture provides students with more than a degree; it gives them a true education through hands-on experiences and its knowledgeable faculty. Students in the Hutson School of Agriculture receive a "large university" education in a small school setting.

The Hutson School of Agriculture not only gives students the personal attention they need, but it also provides them with current and breaking agricultural technology to take their education to a level that will make them highly competitive in the job market.

There are also many opportunities to become involved with various clubs, organizations and teams. Students in the Hutson School of Agriculture take pride in their involvement and achievements.

The Hutson School of Agriculture offers both agricultural sciences and animal technology curriculums at the Bachelor of Science degree level. In addition, the Hutson School of Agriculture offers an Associate of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree. To view these options click on the following link.
Academic Programs

Career Outlook

Since the field of agriculture covers a broad range of interests, a degree in agriculture provides endless career opportunities. Some of these careers are:

Plant Breeder
Soil Scientist
Soil Conservationist
Extension Agent - Agriculture or 4-H
Chemical Sales Representative
Marketing Specialist
Farm Implement Representative
Farm Credit Agency Representative
Nursery Owner
Landscape Designer
Greenhouse Manager
Animal Breeder
Animal Supply/Health Representative
Certified Veterinary Technician
Food Processor/Scientist
Nutrition Company Representative
Animal Pharmaceutical Representative
Agricultural Company Public Relations Representative
Agricultural Journalist
Equine Show Judge
Equine Trainer
USDA Inspector

Keep in Touch

Come and visit the Hutson School of Agriculture and find out why MSU is such a special place to live and learn. A visit can be arranged by calling the Office for Recruitment (270) 809-2896 locally or by dialing toll-free 1-800-272-4MSU ext. 2. The Hutson School of Agriculture welcomes visitors anytime. Contact us at: (270) 809-3329 or at msu.ag@murraystate.edu

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