Visitor Parking

The visitor zone is for persons not affiliated with the university. Students, faculty and staff are not visitors at any time and may not park in visitor zones (24 hour enforcement).

Visitors and guest parking permits are available at Public Safety. In order not to receive parking tickets, all visitors must have a visitors permit to park on campus. There is no charge for a visitor permit. Parents, guest of students or faculty/staff, and visiting lecturers, etc. may request permits via email to, or call Public Safety Parking Office at (270) 809-4812 prior to their visit. If the visitors are arriving after regular office hours their permit will be left with Murray State Police Dispatch for their pick-up. When picking up a visitor’s permit, a valid driver’s license must be presented. Only individuals requesting the permit will be allowed to pick the permit up. All departments requesting permits for visiting consultants, lecturers, etc must submit the required information on their department letterhead or via email to the Public Safety Office prior to the guest’s arrival. 

Multiple violations with no attempt to pick up a visitor permit may result in visitor tickets being sent for collection.