Students, faculty and staff who desire to appeal a parking violation must do so by filing an appeal form within five school days from the day the violation was issued.

  • Possession of a stolen or forged permit is a criminal offense and can not be resolved through the Appeal process.
  • Appeal forms are available on your myGate parking channel. 
  • Appeals will not be accepted after the five-day period has lapsed. The right to appeal will be forfeited. The University Police Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers are not permitted or authorized to void parking tickets. Each appealed violation shall be adjudicated by the appropriate judicial committee (disposition is final).


Grounds for Appeals

Appeal when you have valid grounds. You should limit your appeals to those circumstances for which the parking ticket was issued in error. For example, you did not commit a violation. Disability (unless a valid state issued disability placard is held) and Fire Lane violations may not be appealed .


Only the individual who obtained the permit can appeal a citation issued against it. In the event the vehicle does not display a parking permit, only the individual who operates the vehicle on campus may appeal a citation(s) issued to the vehicle.

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