Personal Computer Loan Program

Personal Computer Loans


Full-time faculty and staff, employed at least six months, are eligible to apply for a 12-month,

interest-free loan for the purchase of new microcomputer hardware. The Personal Computer

Program provides 80 percent of the cost of the computer hardware up to a maximum outstanding

balance of $2,000. Loans are repaid through automatic payroll deduction in equal payments over

twelve months. Participants in the program are required to sign a security document and payroll

deduction card.


If the employee terminates employment with the university, the outstanding balance on the

computer loan will be deducted from the last payroll check. If the last check is not sufficient to

cover the remaining loan balance, the employee will be required to pay the balance prior to final

clearance from the university.


To apply, send a written request including your name, home address, department and the

anticipated total amount of purchase and written vendor quote or invoice for the hardware to Tina Sharp at 270-809-3789 or email at in the Office of Accounting and Financial Services.

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