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General Billing Information


Q. What charges are due at the beginning of the semester?
A. All tuition, fees, room, meal plan and miscellaneous charges on your account must be paid in full by noon on the due date shown on your initial billing statement unless you have made payment arrangements with required payment.  (See Payment Plan Option.)

Q. How can I make payment on my account?
A. Credit card (MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and VISA), debit card, and electronic check payments may be made on-line through myGate

** Please note: credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% service charge.

Click here for more information on payment methods.

Q. Do I have to make payment arrangements every semester?
A. Yes, and this is done through your myGate account. 

Students may choose to enroll in a payment plan each semester by going to the payment website by following the MY ACCOUNT link under the MONEY tab on their myGate.  The option to enroll in a new payment plan is available by clicking the Payment Plans tab.

For more information on the Murray State University Payment Plan - click here!

Q. If I decide not to return to the university can I assume that the Bursar will cancel my classes and remove related charges from my account?
A. No.  To assure that your registration has been canceled, you will complete the withdrawal form located under the Academics tab on your MyGate account.

Q. When and where will billing statements be sent?
A. Initial semester billing statement notification will be sent to your Murray State E-mail, and available on your myGate account mid April for the summer semester, mid July for the fall semester and mid November for the spring semester to students who have prescheduled.  Students scheduling classes during late registration will not be sent a bill.  After classes begin, statements will be mailed on a monthly basis (approximately the 20th of each month) to all enrolled students who have an outstanding account balance.

If you have trouble reading/understanding your billing statement, please view our example bill or contact our office with questions.

Q. What happens if I fail to make payment arrangements?
A. Students who fail to make payment in full or make acceptable payment arrangements with required payment by noon on the due date shown on their billing statement for the semester will have their class schedule dropped (purged).A continuing or returning student who reschedules classes after an initial schedule was purged will be assessed a $100 late payment fee.

Q. How can I authorize different departments to speak to my parent/guardian/significant other about my account?
A. In order for the University to share information about a student's courses, bills, payments and financial aid (as well as other University information) the student must submit the FERPA Information Release Consent Form.  The form is submitted through the student's MyGate account under the Academics tab.

When authorized callers contact Murray State - they will be required to identify themselves and answer the security question specified on the form.

Murray State University Payment Plan (MSUPP)

Murray State University Payment Plan (MSUPP)

Q. When will the payment plan be available for the next term?
A. Payment plans for the upcoming term will not be available until the billing notices are sent to the students' Murray State University email account.

Q. How is the MSUPP amount determined and can it be changed?
A. The MSUPP contract is calculated on a semester basis.  The total allowable charges (tuition, housing, meal plan, and fees) less financial aid/scholarships/third party authorizations for a semester result in the MSUPP contract amount.  At the beginning of each fall and spring semester this contract amount is then divided into four payments.  Payments are due in August, September, October and November for the fall semester and December, February, March and April for the spring semester.  (Accounts with a balance of $200 or less will be due in full.)

The contract amount is calculated each semester.  Changes in your financial aid, tuition course fee(s), housing, or meal plan will be reflected in the monthly amount due.

Q. Direct Lending Loan and PLUS Loan amounts are estimates.  The actual dollar amount will vary due to origination and bank fees.  How will this affect my MSUPP contract amount for the semester?
A. Participants in the MSUPP will have their contract amounts adjusted to reflect the origination and bank fees (see example above).  Monthly payments will be adjusted after the actual loan is credited to the student account.

Financial Aid

Q. I am a new undergraduate student this semester receiving a Direct Lending Loan.  Will there be a delay in receiving these funds?
A. The federal government requires a delay for the first disbursement of Direct Lending Loans for 30 days from the first day of class for first time, first year undergraduate borrowers.  You may contact the Financial Aid Office by telephone (270) 809-2546, by mail to Student Financial Aid Office, Murray State University, 500 Sparks Hall, Murray, KY  42071-3312, or e-mail to msu.sfa@murraystate.edu, if you have questions concerning your loan disbursement.

Q. I have not received my financial aid award notification.  What should I do?
A. Financial aid award notifications are sent from the Student Financial Aid Office.  You may contact the Student Financial Aid Office at (270) 809-2546 concerning the status of your award.

Q. How will I receive my financial aid?
A. All PELL Grants, Direct Lending Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, State CAP Grants, SEOG Grants, Nursing Loans and Perkins Loans will be applied directly to your account provided you have met all requirements for receiving your aid.  If you have not prescheduled classes or signed the required loan paperwork, financial aid awards will not be credited to your account.

Q. How will I receive my excess financial aid funds?
A. All financial aid residual balances and refund balances will be mailed or directly deposited into the students bank account.  This can be found on the Money tab on the students myGate account.  If the total amount of financial aid applied to your account exceeds the amount of tuition/fee/housing/meal plan charges you owe, a residual refund will be processed accordingly to how the student has their myGate account set. 

Refunds will be mailed to the students REFUND address that is set up with the university.  If there is no REFUND address available, checks will be mailed (secondly) to the permanent address & then finally the mailing address on file.  Students may change their REFUND address through the self-service link on their myGate account.

For more information on student refunds - click here!

Tuition and Fees

Q. How do you determine the tuition rate that appears on my bill?
A. Students taking WEB/KYVU courses will pay the hourly tuition rate, as listed in the fee schedule, times the number of WEB/KYVU hours scheduled. (WEB/KYVU course tuition and fees are separate and in addition to REGULAR tuition and fees.)    

Full-time students (undergraduates and graduates taking at least 12 hours, excluding WEB/KYVU courses, per semester) will pay the full-time rate listed in the schedule of fees.   

Part-time students (undergraduates and graduates taking fewer than 12 hours, excluding WEB/KYVU courses, per semester) will pay the part-time rate, as listed in the schedule of fees, times the number of hours scheduled.

Q. What counties in Tennessee qualify for instate tuition rates?
A. Students admitted Fall 2004 and thereafter from Montgomery County will be charged out-of-state tuition and given a tuition discount to adjust their tuition charge to the instate rates.

Q. What Counties in Illinois and Indiana qualify for a tuition discount?
A. Students admitted for Fall 2004, and thereafter, from Massac county in Illinois; Montgomery county in Tennessee; or Posey, Vanderburgh or Warrick counties in Indiana will be assessed out-of-state tuition.  A tuition discount will be credited for the difference between Murray State University's out-of-state tuition and instate tuition.

Housing and Meal Plans

Q. I am classified as a freshman or sophomore.  Am I required to live in university housing and purchase a meal plan?
A. Freshman and sophomore students must reside in university housing during the fall and spring semesters.  Anyone with fewer than 30 semester hours earned is classified as a freshman, and anyone with 30 or more hours but fewer than 60 semester hours earned is classified as a sophomore.  (See the Schedule of Fees for housing requirements.)

Freshman and sophomore students living in the residence halls must purchase a meal plan.  Freshman students must purchase the "Unlimited Access" plan.  This provides the students with unlimited access to Winslow Dining Hall for the entire semester.  Students may enter as many times as they wish for meals, snacks, and beverages.  The plan also includes eight (8) Winslow guest meals to spend on family and friends and $75 flex dollars to spend at other campus venues.  This plan is available to all students, but required for freshmen. Sophomore students may purchase any of the Residential Plans.  Junior and senior students may choose from any of the Residential or Commuter Plans.  There are 19 meals per week served on campus starting Monday breakfast through Sunday dinner.  Students who select a specific number of meals per semester will have their choice of 0-19 meals per week (based on the meal plan selected) until their maximum number of meals purchased is consumed.  Students who select the Block Plan will have a combination of meals and flex dollars, which can be used like cash at Winslow.

Q. How may I obtain exemptions from the housing and meal plan requirements?
A. Exemption from housing requirements must be obtained in writing prior to the first of classes from the Housing Office, P. O. Box 9, Murray, KY  42071-0009. Exemption from meal plan requirements should be obtained in writing prior to the first of classes from the Racer Card Office, Murray State University, 101 Curris Center, Murray, KY  42071-3356; however, meal plan exemption may be obtained through the first four weeks of classes.  Exemptions are normally granted by virtue of age (over 21), military service, marital status or commuter status.

Q. My bill indicates I have requested a different meal plan than I would actually like to have.  How do I change my meal plan?
A. Written notification including student name, social security number and meal plan requested should be sent to the Racer Card Office, Murray State University, 101 Curris Center, Murray, KY  42071-3356.  (Freshmen and sophomores are required to have a meal plan if they live on campus.)


Q. How will I receive a refund from my scholarship, financial aid, overpayment's, or stipends?
A. All residual balances and refund balances can be mailed or directly deposited into the students bank account.  Check your eBills on a regular basis and view more information about refunds here.

Q. Why has my refund not been processed?
A. Refunds are held for many different reason and for different lengths of time:

  1. Any dropped classes to a schedule will hold the refund for 10 days
  2. Any payment made on the account holds the refund for 10 days
  3. No proper address will hold the refund until address is entered
  4. First time borrower's financial aid is held for 30 days after the first day of class
  5. Any change to the student account will hold the refund till the next business day.

Q.  If I owe the university a debt for any semester, and I have an overpayment from another semester or source, will I receive a refund?
A.  No, students will not be granted refunds if an outstanding debt still owed to the university.

1098-T and other tax information

Q. Where can I find information on my 1098-T or other tax information?
A. Tax information is available on the 1098-T page.

For more questions about how to find/view/read/pay your e-bill, how to set up an authorized user, and how to make a payment - please refer to this My Gate Billing Guide!

If you're still having problems or need additional help - contact us!