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Regular Tuition and Fees

Full-time students (undergraduates taking at least 12 hours (excluding WEB/KYVU courses) will pay the full-time rate. Graduate students have no maximum tuition.

Part-time students (undergraduates taking fewer than 12 hour excluding WEB/KYVU courses) will pay the part-time rate times the number of hours scheduled.

WEB/KYVU Course Tuition and Fees are separate and in addition to Regular Tuition and Fees.  There is no maximum on WEB/KYVU Course Tuition and Fees charged.

Some courses may have additional fees.  Refer to the Schedule of Fees for these courses and the appropriate fees.

RacerCard ID

The Murray State University RacerCard Identification (ID Card) fee is assessed once to all students enrolled in main campus courses.  Students enrolled in off-campus or online-only courses are not assessed an ID fee unless specifically requested by the student.  Scheduling courses and payment for all financial obligations are necessary for appropriate ID activation each semester.

Additional items covered

Students enrolled at MSU are entitled to health services, admission to athletic events, Murray Civic Music Association performances, and certain activities sponsored by the University Center Board by presenting their MSU Racer ID card.

Legacy Tuition Grant for out-of-state students

Undergraduate out-of-state students admitted Summer 2004 through Spring 2014 that are the children or grandchildren of Murray State Alumni that received either a bachelors or masters degree from Murray State University should refer to information on the Legacy Tuition Grant.

Undergraduate out-of-state students admitted Fall 2014 and forward the Legacy waiver will reduce tuition to half the difference off between instate and out-of-state tuition rates starting with new students. Regional students who receive the legacy grant will have the regional discount applied first and the legacy grant will be added limited to $1000.

Resident Tuition Discount

Students from Massac County in Illinois, or Posey, Vanderburgh or Warrick Counties in Indiana will be assessed out-of-state tuition.  A tuition discount will be credited for the difference between Murray State University's out-of-state tuition and instate tuition.  (Note:  This will result in the student paying the same as instate tuition.)

Per the KY Council of Postsecondary Education, eligible students from Henry, Obion, Stewart and Weakley Counties will be assessed the same tuition rate as a Kentucky resident. Students from these four counties will be treated as Kentucky students in relation to admission requirements and housing/dining policies.

Note: Residents of the counties listed above may receive the resident tuition discount as a part-time or full-time student and do not have to live in university housing to receive the tuition discount. Full-time freshman and sophomore students must complete the housing exemption process if not living in university housing.

Regional Tuition Discount

Students from the states of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee who are admitted or re-admitted (after two years of absence) beginning in the summer 2001 will be assessed out-of-state tuition.  A tuition discount will be credited for the difference between Murray State University's out-of-state tuition and an average instate rate, based on colleges from the student's state of residency on record with Admissions Services.  Students from Ohio are also eligible for a regional tuition discount if they were enrolled after the fall semester for 2010 and before the fall semester for 2014. Ohio students enrolled  the fall semester of 2014 and after will not receive the regional discount.  Beginning the fall semester of 2011, students from Alabama will also be eligible for a regional tuition discount.  The regional discount for Alabama will only apply to students who are admitted or re-admitted (after a one year absence) for Fall 2011 or future semesters.

In order to receive the Regional Tuition Discount, undergraduate students must be eligible for admission, enroll full-time and pay for university housing.  Seniors are not required to live in university housing.

Summer Regional Tuition Rates for graduate and undergraduate students will be based on their state's respective institutional rates.

Starting the Fall of 2013 students receiving the Regional Tuition Discount will be charged a $100 Regional tuition service charge.

Residential Colleges

Freshmen (anyone with fewer than 30 semester hours earned) and sophomores (anyone with 30 hours but fewer than 60 semester hours earned) who are not exempt from the housing regulations by virtue of age, military service, or other approved exemptions, must reside in university housing during the regular semesters.  Students who qualify under one of the exceptions listed above must complete the Housing Exemption form.  Exemptions to this requirement must be obtained from the Housing Office in writing and in advance of registration.  For further information, you may contact the Housing Office at (270) 809-2310.

Out-of-state students who qualify for and accept Regional Tuition Discount or the Incentive Grant are required to pay for university housing in order to receive the tuition discount/grant.

Meal Plans

Freshman and sophomore students living in the residential colleges must participate in the meal plan program.  These students may purchase from the Residential Plans. Junior and senior students may choose from any of the Residential or Commuter Plans.

Exemption from the meal plan requirements should be obtained in writing from the Dining Services office prior to the beginning of classes or in person during the first four weeks of classes.  Exemptions are normally granted by virtue of age (over 21), military service, marital status or commuter status.  The Housing Exemption form may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Dining Plans

Dining services serves 19 meals per week starting Monday breakfast through Sunday dinner.  View full meal plan descriptions at the Dining Services site.

Students may change their selected meal plan within the first month of classes.  Meal plan changes may be made online through the Money tab of a student's myGate account or in person at the Dining Services Office, 1st Floor, Curris Center.

Meal plan changes (add, delete or change)

Students who are scheduled for classes and wanting to change their meal plan selection (add, delete or change) may do so by logging onto myGate and viewing the Money tab.  Please allow at least 24 hours for processing.  Any change in the cost of the meal plan selected will be displayed on the myGate Money tab.

If you have questions, email or call (270) 809-3003.