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Study Abroad policy
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Study Abroad policy

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Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and the World’s Artistic Traditions

What is “study abroad” for the purposes of University Studies?

A course must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least a 3-credit hour course.
  2. Be one of the following:
    1. professor-led and chair- and dean-approved;
    2. a CCSA course;
    3. a KIIS course;
    4. a IBS course; or
    5. an IIS-approved course, also with the approval of the department chair of the discipline of the course content, whether in an MSU or non-MSU program, including exchange programs and courses taken at universities abroad.
  3. Have at least 30 hours of substantive, structured academic contact hours abroad.  A course must meet SACS minimum of 40 total actual contact hours.
  4. Require students to produce or complete a substantive project, paper, or other evaluative tool that demonstrates discipline-related knowledge learned in the course abroad.

The pre-departure basic orientation typical of study abroad programs would not count toward the total number of contact hours for the course.

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