About Integrated Studies

About the Integrated Studies Program

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Students who complete the Integrated Studies program earn a Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) degree, a baccalaureate degree granted by Murray State University, which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Graduates have gained admission to law school and to graduate programs in economics, business, English, and psychology.

Students progress toward their degree by earning credits in Murray State courses and by transferring credits from other institutions. Only adults who already have 60 semester hours of college credits may be admitted.

The Integrated Studies program is an alternative degree program for adults who already have college credits. The program works best for students established in careers who do not need an academic credential for a new career. It also works well for students who desire a liberal arts education and for some who plan to enter graduate programs. Students with numerous business courses face restrictions imposed by accreditation requirements. Teacher education and nursing programs are not available to Integrated Studies students. The degree program is not well adapted to a professional field; for this, a traditional degree is a better choice.