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Master of Science in Geosciences

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Master of Science in Geosciences

Chair: George W. Kipphut.
Faculty: Cetin, Homsey, Hong, Kipphut, Ortmann, Wesler, Yorke, Zhang.


The Department of Geosciences offers a Master of Science degree that focuses upon applications of remote sensing, archaeologic and geographic information technologies. Students are prepared for positions in the public and private sectors and study at the Ph.D. level.

Geosciences is closely associated with the Mid-America Remote sensing Center (MARC) where hardware and software related to remote sensing and geographic information science are located. Students also have the opportunity to conduct research through activities of the department’s Archaeology Laboratory.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants must meet the Murray State University requirements (see Graduate Admissions). The department requires that three letters of recommendation and GRE scores accompany application materials. A letter discussing reasons for the applicant’s interest in the program should also be forwarded. Additional requirements for unconditional and conditional admission are as follows.

To qualify for unconditional admission, an applicant must have an overall grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in a geoscience (or related) field and a composite GRE score (V+Q) of 1,000 old scale or 300 new scale.

Students admitted conditionally are admitted to full standing after completing (1) any remedial courses required by the graduate faculty and (2) one semester of graduate work with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above. 

Master of Science in Geosciences

CIP 40.0699


The student’s program is developed in consultation with the graduate coordinator.

Total Course Requirements......................................30 hours
GSC 612 Remote Sensing
GSC 619 Seminar in Research Techniques PT
GSC 621 Geographic Information Systems
GSC 640 Advanced Remote Sensing
GSC 680 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GSC 696 Understanding Scientific Communication
GSC courses at 600-level (3 hrs)
GSC or related courses at 600-level (2 hrs)
GSC 698-699 Thesis Research L, R


Other Degree Requirements

• Proficiency in quantitative methods through MAT 665.

• Oral defense of thesis.

Total Course Requirements......................................33 hours

Same as above with the following substitution for thesis:
GSC courses, at 600-level....................................increase to 6 hrs
GSC or related courses at 600-level.....................increase to 8 hrs

Other Degree Requirements
• Proficiency in quantitative methods through MAT 665.
• Written and oral comprehensive examinations.

Graduate Coordinator: Kit W. Wesler

     Location: 355 Blackburn Science Bldg.
    Phone: (270) 809-3457


Chair: George W. Kipphut
     Location: 335 Blackburn Science Bldg.
     Phone: (270) 809-2847


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