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Sociology at Murray State

Welcome to the Sociology program at Murray State University.

The Sociology program faculty consists of five full-time faculty in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. We are a generalist Sociology program with diverse research interests that prepare our graduates for a multitude of careers and graduate work. Our graduates have gone on to work in social services and non-profit organizations, government agencies, business and marketing, criminal justice, education, and counseling to name a few.

The Sociology program offers an undergraduate major and minor. Through these programs, students gain sociological training and learn to apply sociological knowledge in seeking solutions to local, state, national, and international problems. Our undergraduate program also prepares students to consume and engage in sociological research by obtaining both quantitative and qualitative research skills during their training.  Many of our faculty also collaborate with students on research and publishing. Faculty research and teaching interests include emphases in areas such as social inequalities, political sociology and social movements, the environment and development, criminology and deviance, medical sociology and mental health, and various topics relating to work, organizations, and the economy. Please spend a few minutes looking over our pages and reading about "why you should choose Sociology as a major or minor."

We are also very excited to have recently hired two outstanding assistant professors from some of the nation’s strongest Sociology graduate programs.  Dr. Deidre Redmond from Indiana University and Dr. Jared Rosenberger from the University of Akron have joined the program this fall.  We want to welcome them to our community and hope that you will spend some time getting to know them and, of course, take some of their courses.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the program or to talk about changing your degree to Sociology. We think it is one of the most compelling and worthwhile degrees on our campus which serves to benefit our students throughout their careers and life course.

Dr. Scott Byrd | | 270.809.2692
Assistant Professor
Sociology Program Director
Department of Political Science and Sociology

Sociology Program Mission Statement

The Sociology Program at Murray State is dedicated to promoting the academic understanding of the social world. Whether the focus is upon interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, formal organizations, or societal processes such as globalization, our program provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills such that they can help address the problems of today and be active participants in the solutions.

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