Political Science

Area of Concentration in Political Science

Advisor: William Cassie
Required Courses - 6 hours
  POL 140   American National Government (3)
  POL 250   Introduction to International Relations (3)
Electives - 12 hours
  1.  One of the following courses: (3)
  POL 461   Classical and Medieval Political Thought
  POL 462   Modern Political Thought
  POL 463   American Political Thought
  2.  One of the following courses: (3)
  POL 450   Modern Africa
  POL 455   Modern Middle East
  POL 451   Government and Politics of Western Europe
  POL 452   Government and Politics of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
  POL 453   Government and Politics of Latin America
  POL 454   Government and Politics of Asia
  3.  Two upper-level (300 & above) POL elective courses (6)
Total Requirements: 18 hours in political science

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