Murray State’s Art & Design Photography curriculum includes traditional black and white photography, digital color photography, antique photographic processes, and introduction to video art. Currently, the department is working on making the gradual shift from teaching analog to digital in the Introduction to Photography course.

Facilities The wet darkroom area has 2,846 square feet of studio space open 24 hours a day, including seminar space, a basic hot-light studio setup, a gang darkroom with fourteen enlargers, as well as individual darkroom spaces for students with an emphasis in this discipline.

There is a new digital lab that houses 20 Apple iMacs, four Epson scanning stations and access to large format Epson printers.

Contact Information ZB Smetana

Courses Offered

Art 382 Introduction to Photography I (3):  An introduction to the fundamentals of traditional black and white photography while exploring creative image making as a means of personal expression.  This course covers basic techniques of the 35mm film camera and darkroom.  Students will gain basic familiarity with camera skills, darkroom process and lighting.  Initially, emphasis is placed upon technical concerns, however as the semester progresses ideas, content and aesthetic issues will be stressed.  Through slide presentations, assignments, readings and class discussions, students will be provided with the necessary skills to begin critically interpreting their own work and that of their peers.  Cameras are not supplied.

Art 383:  Photography II (3):  This course continues to refine technical skills presented in Art 382 with more emphasis on photographic theory.  Students build upon vocabulary for discussing and interpreting photographs in order to better understand the medium as a visual form of communication, and the use of the photographic image as art.  Assignments are given to strengthen students’ technical and creative skills.  Reading, discussions and critiques become more integral to students’ development as artists and photographers. (Prerequisite: Art 382)

Art 384:  Photography III (3):  Students engage in an exploration of various photographic processes with an expanded emphasis on individual investigation.  Students continue discussion and investigation of historical and current photographic concerns and trends.  (Prerequisite: Art 382, 383)

Art 483, 484, 583, 584:  Photography V-VII (3):  Advanced photography students take a more active role in their education and growth as artists in this series of courses.  Students pursue personal areas of interests by researching and proposing semester long projects that culminate in a cohesive portfolio at the end of each term, while continuing to participate in relevant demonstrations and class discussions.  Emphasized topics and processes will vary depending upon the semester.  Students also begin to explore how to access the broader culture of art and photography outside of an academic setting by applying for juried shows and scholarships. (Prerequisite: Art 382, 383, 384…)

Art 394:  Intro to Video Art (3):  An introduction to the fundamentals of video art while exploring sequence, series, sound and the moving image as a means of creative expression.  Students gain basic familiarity with digital video and sound capture, and the editing software necessary to execute personal project and problem solving.  As the semester progresses ideas, content, and aesthetic issues become more of a focus.    Cameras are not supplied.

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