ZB Smetana Zbynek "ZB" Smetana
Chair, Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor, Art History
PhD, Rutgers University
BA, Humboldt State University

Research Interest: Italian Renaissance Art, Secondary Fields in Northern Renaissance and Baroque

Telephone: 270.809.3120   office: FA 605   email: zsmetana@murraystate.edu

Debbie Barton Debbie Barton
Administrative Assistant I

Research Interest: Knitting, Cross Stitching, Quilting, Reading, Amateur Radio

Telephone: 270.809.3784   office: FA 604   email: dbarton@murraystate.edu

Pamela Parker Pamela Parker
Administrative Assistant
MFA, Murray State University

Research Interest: Editing; poetry and prose writing

Telephone: 270.809.3784   office: FA604   email: pparker@murraystate.edu

Mrs. Parker's work: A Walk Through the Memory Palace

Jeanne Beaver Jeanne Beaver
Associate Professor, Metalsmithing
MFA, Indiana State University
MA, Iowa State University
BFA, Iowa State University

Research Interest: Tensile Structures and Forms, Metalwork, Jewelry

Telephone: 270.809.6933   office: VA100   email: jbeaver@murraystate.edu

Jim Bryant Jim Bryant
Professor, Graphic Design
MFA, Louisiana State University
BFA, Herron School of Art, Indiana University

Research Interest: Graphic Design, Web Design, Printmaking

Telephone: 270.809.5479   office: FA1012B   email: jbryant@murraystate.edu

Professor Bryant's work: blackdogpress.com

Antje K. Gamble Antje K. Gamble
Assistant Professor, Art History
PhD, University of Michigan
MA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interest: Modern Italian Sculpture

Telephone: 270.809.6739  office: FA 733   email: agamble2@murraystate.edu

Sarah Gutwirth

Sarah Gutwirth
Professor, Painting
MFA, Pratt Institute
BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art
BA, Reed College

Research Interest: Painting, Languages, Travel

Telephone: 270.809.6731   office: FA729   email: sgutwirth@murraystate.edu

Professor Gutwirth's work: http://www.sarahgutwirth.com/

Nicole Hand

Nicole Hand
Professor, Printmaking
Special Assistant to the Dean
MFA, University of Miami
BFA, University of South Dakota
BA, Nazareth College

Research Interest: Printmaking, Drawing, Bookbinding

Telephone: 270.809.5387   office: FA1012A   email: nhandbryant@murraystate.edu

Professor Hand's work: blackdogpress.com

Hyeja Jung

Hyeja Jung
Associate Professor, 2D Design and Graphic Design
MFA, University of Florida
BFA, Syracuse University

Research Interest: Graphic Design, Illustration, Drawing

Telephone: 270.809.6732   office: FA731   email: hjung@murraystate.edu

Professor Jung's work: http://www.hjungdesign.com/

Chris Lavery

Christopher M. Lavery
Assistant Professor, Sculpture
MFA, University of Colorado, Boulder
BFA, State University of New York, Fredonia

Research Interest: Sculpture, Installation, Sound Art, Robotics, Video, Interactive Media.

Telephone: 270.809.4350   office: FA 1007   email: clavery@murraystate.edu

Professor Lavery's work: christopherlavery.wordpress.com and www.christopherlavery.com

Dale Leys Dale Leys
Professor, Drawing
MFA, University of Wisconsin
BFA, Layton School of Art and Design

Research Interest: Drawing

Telephone: 270.809.3787   office: FA730   email: dleys@murraystate.edu

Professor Leys' work: daleleys.com

Michael Martin

T. Michael Martin
Assistant Professor
Director of University Galleries
MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
BFA, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Research Interest: Contemporary Art, Painting, Drawing, Installation Art, Performance Art, Collaborative, Interactive, Experimental, Interdisciplinary, and New Media Art

Telephone: 270.809.6734   office: FA627   email: tmartin33@murraystate.edu

Professor Martin's work: http://tmmartin.com/index.htm

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin
Assistant Professor, Furniture Design / Woodworking
MFA, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
BFA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Telephone: 270.809.6938   office: VA 103A   email: smartin32@murraystate.edu

Professor Martin's work: sarahmartinstudio.com 

Kristin Reeves

Kristin Reeves
Assistant Professor, Photography
MFA, University of Florida
BFA, Ball State University

Telephone: 270.809.3085   office: FA 728   email: kreeves4@murraystate.edu

Professor Reeves' work: http://www.reevesmachine.com/

Peggy Schrock Peggy Schrock
Professor, Art History
PhD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Missouri, Kansas City
MS, University of Missouri, Columbia
BS, University of Missouri, Columbia

Research Interest: Modern and Contemporary Western Art

Telephone: 270.809.6737   office: FA732   email: pschrock@murraystate.edu

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams
Assistant Professor, Art Education
PhD, University of Georgia
MAEd, University of Georgia
BA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Research Interests: Art Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Aesthetics and Critical Response, Teacher Preparation, Qualitative Research, Narrative Inquiry

Telephone: 270.809.6743   office: FA 726   email: rwilliams44@murraystate.edu

John Utgaard John Utgaard
Associate Professor, Ceramics
MFA, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
BFA, Kansas City Art Institute

Research Interest: Ceramic Sculpture, Handbuilding, Wheel-throwing, Slipcasting

Telephone: 270.809.2588   office: VA100A   email: jutgaard@murraystate.edu

Professor Utgaard's work: johnutgaard.com