Gallery Schedule

Clara M. Eagle Main Gallery – 6th Floor of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building
May - Aug 12th Highlights: Collection Exhibition
Aug. 18th - Sept. 29th Armin Mühsam
Oct. 6th - Nov. 5th: Land Report Collective
Nov. 13th: Art Auction
Nov. 19th - Jan. 5th Creighton Michael: Pattern Play

Clara M. Eagle Upper Gallery – 7th Floor of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building
Aug.  27th - Sept. 23rd Adrian Hatfield
Sept. 29th - Oct. 29th Therely Bare: Redux
Nov. 6rd - Dec. 4th BFA & BA/BS Exhibitions
Dec. 14th - Feb. 12th Theresa Pfarr

Curris Center Gallery – 1st Floor of the Curris Center
Jun. 28th  -  Jul. 30th  Side by Side: Murray Art Guild
Aug. 7th - Sept. 10th Louis Chan: My Home
Sept. 19rd  - Sept. 25st The Change Project
Oct. 5th - Oct. 9th Visiting Graduate Exhibit
Nov. 13th - Nov. 20th BFA & BA/BS Exhibitions
Nov. 24th - Dec. 4th Advanced Drawing Exhibition

Mary Ed Mecoy Hall Gallery – 6th Floor of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building
Jun. - Aug. 4th  ODDVolumes
Aug. 7th - Sept. 11rd AIR of UT
Sept. 16th - Oct. 14th Bruce Wilhelm
Oct.19th - Nov. 13th Jessye McDowell: Make It Real
Nov. 19th - Jan. 5th: Martin Bromirski