Graphic Communications Management

Graphics Communications Management offers a two-year associate of science degree in graphic communications technology, a four-year bachelor of science in graphic communications management, a master of science in printing management option under industrial education and technology, and industry and technology minors in graphic communications technology and photography. The printing industry is a dynamic industry that continues to expand as the nation's economy grows.

Favorable employment opportunities are expected to continue in the printing industry for individuals qualified to perform at technical and management levels. Graduates of the department's programs are prepared to assume positions in an industry which ranks among the top ten U.S. manufacturing groups in the number of establishments, employee earnings, number of employees, total payroll, and value of product.




University Studies Courses 43-44 Hours

Required Courses
ACC 200 Principles of Financial Accounting
ART 111 Two-dimensional Design
ITD 107 Introduction to Technical Drawing
and Computer Aided Drafting
ENG 324 Technical Writing
GCM 099 Transitions
GCM 151 Introduction to Print Media Management
GCM 153 Electronic Imaging
GCM 250 Fundamentals of Photography
GCM 252 Digital Image Conversion
GCM 342 Finishing and Distribution
GCM 352 Press Image Transfer I
GCM 354 Principles of Estimating
GCM 365 Customer Service in Print Media
GCM 441 Desktop Multimedia
GCM 442 Digital Interactive Technology
GCM 454 Color Management and Quality Control
IET 399 Professional Develop Seminar I
IET 488 Cooperative Education/Internship
MGT 350 Fundamentals of Management
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing

53-57 Hours

Required Electives
Select electives from courses listed below with advisor approval. At least six hours of electives must be 300-level or above

ART 101 Drawing I: Introduction to Drawing
ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 350 Introduction to Graphic Design I: Digital Art
ART 351 Graphic Design II: Type and Image
ART 352 Graphic Design III: Layout and Introduction to Design Systems
ART 451 Graphic Design IV: Systems Design
COM 384 Communication Skills for Professionals
COM 461 Persuasive Communication
GCM 340 Introduction to Gravure
GCM 350 Basic Color Photography
GCM 357 Industrial Photography
GCM 358 Commercial Photography
GCM 359 Publication Photography
GCM 360 Portraiture Photography
GCM 440 Electronic Digital Photography
ITD 107 Introduction to Technical Drawing and Computer Aided Drafting
ITD 492 Plant Layout and Material Handling
MGT 551 Organizational Behavior
OSH 300-level elective (approved by advisor)

24 Hours
Total Requirements 120-122 Hrs