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Master's in Mass Communications (MA or MS)  31 hours, non-thesis track
Required Courses
JMC 600 American Mass Media --OR--
JMC 615 History of US Journalism and Broadcasting (3) --AND--
JMC 630 Theories of Mass Communications (3)
JMC 648 Mass Media Industries (3)
JMC 660 Methods of Mass Communications Research (3)
JMC 670 Philosophical and Ethical Concepts of the Mass Media (3)
JMC 690 Comprehensive Project in Mass Communications (3)
Electives--pick three of the following (12 hours):
JMC 600 Seminar in International Mass Communication (3)
JMC 601 Seminar in Media, Culture, Gender, and Race (3)
JMC 602 Seminar in Advertising (3)
JMC 603 Seminar in Public Relations (3)
JMC 615 History of US Journalism and Broadcasting (3)
JMC 622 JMC Study Abroad (3)
JMC 658 New Media Technologies (3)
JMC 668 Critical Analysis of Mass Media (3)
JMC 677 Directed Individual Study (3) *
JMC 685 Specialzed Mass Communications(1-3) *
JMC 686 Special Topics **

* Independent study that requires approval of supervising faculty
** Subject matter changes depending on instructor


  • The semester before enrolling in JMC 690, the capstone course, the student must meet with the Graduate Coordinator, present a proposal for the project, and gain approval of the proposal.
  • For the Master of Arts degree only, the candidate must demonstrate competency in an approved foreign language.

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