Acquiring a Permit

Permits should be purchased prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Enforcement will begin on the first day of scheduled classes. Only one permit will be issued to a student, faculty or staff member and is valid only when permit holder is driving. This permit may be transferred from one vehicle to another when permit holder is the driver. Permits are NOT transferable from one person to another. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the university and is not transferable to other persons. A faculty/staff or student may not purchase a permit for someone else. Permits are to be used by the individual whose name is registered with the permit. Use of the permit by anyone else is considered false registration, AND IS SUBJECT TO PARKING CITATION AND $90 FINE.


Students may purchase a permit prior to the beginning of a semester.  Early registration for students normally begins at the end of the Spring Semester.  These permits may be picked up beginning August 1 at the Public Safety Parking office or during registration at a designated location in the Curris Center at the beginning of the fall semester. After fall registration, permits must be picked up at Public Safety within 24 hours of arrival to campus, excluding weekends and holidays.  Summer sessions begin the Monday following spring graduation.


FACULTY AND STAFF (Regular Full Time and Regular Part Time)

Faculty and Staff may pick up parking permits anytime beginning July 1 at the Public Safety office during regular office hours except during pre-announced on site distributions. Early registration for Faculty/Staff normally begins by the end of the Spring semester.  All Murray State regular full-time and part-time faculty staff are required to use payroll deduction. Temporary and Adjunct faculty and staff  are not eligible for payroll deductions and must pay on-line with a debitccard, credit card or ACH payment.


Student teachers, student employees, and graduate assistants do not qualify for faculty/staff parking permits. Students from extended campuses must pick up a student temporary permit at Public Safety when on the Murray campus.

***Students, faculty or staff returning to campus without their assigned parking permit must pick up a temporary permit for that day or the duration of their need as approved by the parking supervisor.***