General Information

Parking permits are the property of the university and must be returned to the Public Safety Office upon termination of employment as a part of the clearance process.

In the case of curb parking, all vehicles will be parked headed in the direction of the traffic flow, 24-hour enforcement.

Requests for special use of parking areas or streets (dances, etc.) should be submitted to the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services for approval and then coordinated with the Director of Public Safety.

All serious incidents or vehicle accidents should be reported to the University Police (270) 809-2222 immediately – do not move the vehicle.

Theft of personal or university property should be reported to the University Police (270) 809-2222 immediately. The University Police Department will furnish engraving devices free of cost for the purpose of marking personal property. Personal Property Inventory sheets are also available at the University Police Department and on the Public Safety website..  For your protection it would be wise to make photographs of jewelry and other valuables.

University, state, or government-owned vehicles may be parked in any color zone, service vehicles areas, or restricted areas, without displaying a university permit.

Parking on the MSU campus is permitted only in marked spaces.

The City of Murray, by ordinance, requires the purchase of a city sticker for the following persons:

  • City stickers are required of all persons who reside within City limits (either on or off campus); any resident or non-resident who work inside the city limits of Murray; or anyone who performs a business-related activity is required to purchase a City sticker for each vehicle owned or used in those pursuits. Any one employed as a student employee is required to purchase a city sticker.
  • Murray city stickers may be purchased at the Murray city hall building, City Clerk’s Office ($50). Questions about city stickers should be directed to the City Clerk’s office (270) 762-0350.  Stickers can be purchased at City Hall in the Customer Service Center.
  • Persons exempted are non-resident (commuting) university students not employed or living, working, or performing business-related activity within the city limits of Murray.

Anyone planning short courses, workshops, or meetings to which persons from off campus are invited should notify Public Safety of the location of the event, date(s) and time, and the number of expected participants involved. This notification should be made two weeks prior to the event, so that permits may be issued and parking provided. Special permits are for two weeks or less.

Anyone wishing to make parking recommendations regarding regulation changes or modifications should address correspondence to: Director, Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management, 101 Public Safety Building, Murray, KY 42071.



Parking on University Property

The university reserves the right to tow any vehicle creating a hazardous condition, or any situation otherwise interfering with the overall operation of the university. Excessive and continuous failure to comply with university parking regulations could result in vehicle being towed. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Murray State University assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles or personal possessions on university property.

Parking is permitted only in legal marked parking spaces - parking outside of designated parking spaces will result in a citation being issued.

Due to limited parking facilities and increasing demand for space, an inoperable vehicle will not be allowed to occupy a parking space for a period exceeding 24 hours. All inoperable vehicles reports may be called in to the Murray State Police at (270) 809-2222, within 24 hours. Failure to notify Murray State Police may result in a notice of violation being issued to vehicle and/or vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.


Operation of a Motor Vehicle

University Police enforce all laws and regulations regarding the operation of a motor vehicle.

All motor vehicles operating in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are required by law to have liability insurance coverage. KRS 304.39-110.

Kentucky law requires the operator of a motor vehicle to have in his or her possession: a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and current proof of insurance.


Parking lot speed limit 15 mph.

Kentucky traffic laws are enforced on university property.  Violation of traffic laws may result in a citation to appear in Calloway County District Court.

The operator of a vehicle is responsible for any damage to university property occurring from the operation of that vehicle.  Criminal charges may be filed in Calloway County District Court.


Non-Pedestrian Devices Regulations

Non-pedestrian devices include, but are not limited to: bicycles, skateboards, skates, roller blades, and unicycles.  It is the responsibility of all individuals using these devices on campus to read and understand these regulations.  Lack of knowledge of these regulations will not be accepted as grounds for dismissal of citations or enforcement actions.

General Guidelines for Non-Pedestrian Devices:

  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way.
  • Bicycles shall not be operated within university buildings, or other areas designated by regulation or signs.
  • Cyclists are required to operate within applicable Kentucky law when riding on streets or roadways.
  • Skateboarding is permitted to and from class onlyAll other skateboarding is prohibited.
  • Stunt riding, trick riding, free-style riding, or skating, are not to be performed on university property.  In addition, excessive noise, speed, stunt riding, or any other use of non-pedestrian devices that may cause disturbances of studies, property damage, or endanger self or others is prohibited.  Users may not ride on stairways, patios, dock areas, benches, picnic tables, stairs, ramps, curbs, or other irregular surfaces.
  • Student, faculty, or staff violators are subject to disciplinary proceedings.  Violators’ equipment is subject to confiscation and impoundment.
  • The university may impound any non-pedestrian device which is classified as abandoned, lost, or stolen.  The university reserves the right to remove locks and/or security devices attached to bicycles in order to impound.

Points of contact for Public Safety

  • Emergency
    • 911 – on campus
  • University Police
    • 2222 – on campus
    • (270) 809-2222 – off campus
  • Parking Management Office
    • 4812 – on campus
    • (270) 809-4812 – off campus

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