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Cadet organizations

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Cadet organizations

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RangersMurray State University's Army ROTC Ranger Company provides cadets with the opportunity to further enhance the skills they acquire in military science and leadership classes. The Ranger Company challenges cadets physically and mentally through classroom and hands on applications while allowing the cadets to gain confidence in themselves and their leadership abilities. The Ranger Company focuses on the team concept while preparing cadets for further leadership training.

Any student enrolled in a Murray State Military Science class, with the exception of Military History, is eligible for membership in the Ranger Company. Cadets who participate in Ranger Company must present themselves in accordance with military standards, AR 670-1.

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is a nationwide competition in several specified events (10 kilometer road march, rope bridge, basic rifle marksmanship, Army Physical Fitness Test, weapons assembly/disassembly, land navigation, grenade assault course, and patrolling exam).

The team goes through up to six days of intense training per week until the competition. It is open to all cadets who want to be a part of a challenging, hard working team.The program will mentally and physically challenge each participant in preparation for the brigade competition. Cadets will concentrate on a variety of military skills while preparing for the competitions. Those who complete the program will be entitled to wear the coveted Ranger Challenge Tab.

Both male and female cadets compete in the Ranger Challenge. You will represent Murray State University on a Ranger Challenge team. But there are no half-times, no bands and no cheerleaders. You just keep going and going until you’ve exhausted all your strength, and then you go some more.

Color Guard

Color GuardThe MSU ROTC Color Guard performs for a variety of events. This includes Murray State athletics, graduation and local community events. The team consists of 5-6 cadets who practice different drill and ceremony techniques. Paying attention to detail is very important. If you are very detail-oriented, then the ROTC Color Guard is for you.

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