MFA Program Job Openings

Note to Prospective MFA Faculty
We regret that we cannot respond personally to the many inquiries we receive about job openings. We do not, at this juncture, seek to increase the size of our MFA program, and thus openings for new faculty members are infrequent. We do, from time to time, find it necessary to replace a current faculty member for one residency/tutorial cycle or (more rarely) to hire a new faculty member for our regular rotation. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE DIRECTOR ABOUT POSSIBLE JOB OPENINGS OR SEND INQUIRIES TO THE PROGRAM VIA TRADITIONAL MAIL. If you are interested in being alerted to hiring opportunities, please send a letter of application and a vita as separate Microsoft Word documents to program assistant Nita King.

Provided you have an active file (i.e., one established or updated in the last two years, with a current email address), you will be considered for any openings we have in your genre or genres. We will also post announcements of all job openings here on our website. Most of our hiring for the January residency occurs directly in the wake of our application deadline of October 1; most of our hiring for the July residency occurs directly in the wake of our application deadline on April 1. Note that the turnaround time for our hiring decisions is usually very slim. Please make sure that you list current phone numbers for all references.

The Murray State University Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing strives to hire and retain quality faculty mentors and to create and maintain strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with them.

The minimum qualifications for hiring include the following:

  • MFA degree in creative writing
  • College- or university-level teaching experience in creative writing
  • One juried book, published or under contract, in the genre of application

Other considerations for hiring include:

  • Teaching effectiveness (as indicated by recommendations, student evaluations, etc.)
  • Diversity (in terms of gender, ethnicity, aesthetic, etc.)
  • Ability and willingness to teach in more than one genre
  • Collegiality
  • Likelihood of success at teaching low-residency students


Currently, we have no openings. Keep checking back. 

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