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AWP 2015: Murray State Reading at the Dakota Jazz Club

MFA reunion reading, AWP, Minneapolis 2015

This past April, a group of alumni, faculty, and friends of Murray State University's MFA program gathered at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis for a reading, and the ensuing two hours are unforgettable. We have made the recordings available, below. A special shout-out to MFA alumnus Roger Stanley, who made this very special (to us) AWP event happen. Part 1Part 2

Pictured (l-r): Melissa Tyndall, Lawrence Welsh, Roger Stanley, Ann Neelon, Jacque Day, Chet Weise, Riley Hanick, John Proctor.


2015-16 Hogan Scholars

2015-16 Hogan Scholars
Alexis Alexander
Matthew Quinn
Deena Lilygren

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