Drawing students work with a variety of tools, media and subject matter. Beginning classes introduce the fundamentals of basic visual language such as mark-making, gesture, line, values and representations of forms in space.  
In second semester drawing, the human form is studied through the dimensions of gesture, line, mass, color, texture, proportion, composition and media.  In addition, a variety of drawing concepts and attitudes are explored.  Advanced level work allows for further examination of drawing ideas emphasizing cultivation of personal expression and individual style.  
Students of drawing are encouraged to develop the ability to translate creative concepts into drawings.
The drawing area has 2,921 square feet of studio space open 24 hours a day.  Individual studio spaces for students with an emphasis in this area are available.  
Drawing Faculty
Dale Leys is a professor of art who received his MFA in drawing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  In addition to teaching, Dale is a visiting artist and guest lecturer at numerous schools and universities.  Solo and group exhibitions of his work are held nationwide.   

Contact Information Dale Leys dale.leys@murraystate.edu


Courses Offered
ART 101 Drawing I: Introduction to Drawing (3).  Drawing with an emphasis on the development of visual perception.  Six hours per week.
ART 201 Drawing II: Life Drawing (3).  Figure drawing in varied media.  ART 101 is a prerequisite for art majors only.  Six hours per week.
ART 300 Drawing III (3).  A conceptual study of both figurative and abstract approaches to drawing.  ART 101 and 201 are prerequisites for art majors only.  
ART 303 Drawing IV (3).  Exploration of drawing ideas with emphasis on the development of personal expression.  Prerequisite:  ART 300.  
ART 304 Drawing V (3).  Continuation of ART 303.  Prerequisite:  ART 303.  
ART 403 Drawing VI (3).  Prerequisite:  ART 304.  
ART 404 Drawing VII (3).  Prerequisite:  ART 403.  
ART 503 Drawing VIII (3).  Concentrated exploration of drawing with emphasis on personal expression.  Criticism and discussion. Prerequisite:  ART 404.  
ART 504 Drawing IX (3).  Continuation of ART 503. Prerequisite:  ART 503.

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