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Sick Leave Bank

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Sick Leave Bank


Employees may choose to participate in the Sick Leave Bank as a means of obtaining additional sick leave days to avoid loss of compensation due to catastrophic illness or injury of the employee.  All regular full-time and regular part-time faculty and staff who are contributors to the Sick Leave Bank, and have legitimately exhausted all of their accumulated sick and vacation leave, may apply for additional sick leave from the bank.




To become a member of the sick leave bank, the employee must have accumulated six (6) days of sick leave. Newly hired employees shall be eligible to become a member within 30 days of the accumulation of six (6) sick leave days. It is the responsibility of the new employee to notify Human Resources that he/she wishes to join the Sick Bank at the time he/she has accumulated the required six (6) sick leave days. All other employees can indicate that they wish to join as part of the Open Enrollment process each year. Upon joining, an eligible employee must immediately contribute one (1) to three (3) days of accumulated sick leave as determined by Murray State University. That day or days, once donated, becomes the property of the bank and may not be designated for any individual or reclaimed by the donating employee. The employee must first apply for the additional sick leave, and if the application is approved and after missing fifteen (15) consecutively scheduled working days, the approved Sick Leave Bank time will become active. Each initial grant of sick leave shall be limited to a maximum of 20 consecutively scheduled working days for each illness/injury. After the initial grant, an extension of up to 80 consecutively scheduled sick leave days (20 days per request) may be granted. The number of days granted to any one member shall not exceed 100 days for any one illness, recurring illness, or accident.


Sick Leave Bank Policy

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Sick Leave Bank forms can be found on the Support Site.









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