About Us

In 2005, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) developed a regional stewardship program to support Kentucky's public universities. Specifically, the program supports university efforts to promote regional or statewide economic development, livable communities, social inclusion, improved P-12 schools, creative governance, and civic participation through public engagement activities.  CPE required universities to align institutional resources and to create programs that address regional and state needs. One of the first priorities was for universities to assemble a Regional Outreach Advisory Council of community leaders from the university’s assigned service region.  MSU’s 21-member advisory council is composed of one representative from each of our 18 counties and two representatives from our largest three counties.  The Advisory Council is charged with identifying regional needs, opportunities, and outreach priorities that align with the goals of the CPE program.  Since its creation, the Advisory Council has been instrumental in establishing the vision statement, goals, objectives, and organizational structures to provide funding for specific projects in the region centered on educational attainment.

Vision Plan: The Murray State University Regional Outreach Advisory Council shares a vision of a united west Kentucky changing its culture to succeed in the new century.

Strategic Goals:

1. Educational Attainment

2. Job Creation/Entrepreneurial Spirit

3. Collaborative Partnerships

4. Quality of Life