Wellness Center Building policies

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Attire and Footwear

  1. Appropriate athletic footwear must be worn whenever using recreational areas. Rubber-soled street shoes are not considered to be appropriate footwear for the Natatorium. Proper footwear is necessary to protect individuals, as well as the facility.
  2. Court shoes must be worn for all court activities. Jogging shoes may be worn for jogging, passive recreation areas, and weight training only. All shoes that mark floors, turf shoes and open-toed shoes are strictly prohibited.
  3. Participants must wear appropriate exercise attire: T-shirts, warm-up suites, sweat suits, tennis clothing (where appropriate), or aerobics attire. Street clothing can be dangerous and confining when exercising, and is not allowed to be worn during exercise activities except on the jogging track. Tank tops may be worn. Women are not permitted to wear only sports bras. Street shoes are permitted on the jogging track; however, it is recommended athletic shoes be worn. Shirts and pants with buttons (other than rubber), metal zippers, studs, or belt loops are considered street wear and are only permitted on the jogging track. These items tend to accelerate wear and tear of exercise equipment and could pose a risk of injury.
  4. A shirt or tank top is required for participants to use all exercise machines and free weight areas. A shirt reduces skin contact with the benches and reduces the spread of body oils and germs, which deteriorate the equipment. Please carry a towel and wipe off the equipment seats and backs after each use, or use the disinfectant and towels supplied.
  5. Clothing and bags are to be stored in the locker rooms or storage cubbies.
  6. We recommend that jewelry, which may cause injury or damage equipment, be removed.
  7. Participants will be asked to remove jewelry that presents a danger to oneself or others.

Gymnasium Courts

  1. Non-marking, athletic footwear is required.
  2. Dunking, slapping the backboards, and hanging on rims or nets are strictly prohibited because of the risk of injury and potential damage to the equipment. Violations of this policy will result in ejection from the facility. Repeated violations may result in suspension from the facility.
  3. The courts may be used for designated activities only as indicated by the informal recreation schedule.
  4. Expectoration (spitting) on floors, walls, drinking fountains or support beams, is not allowed.
  5. All open challenge play shall be handled in a manner fair to all wishing to participate. While others are waiting, the same two teams or groups may participate for a period of time not to exceed one hour.
  6. Setting and removal of equipment is only handled by the facility staff. Ask for assistance if the court equipment needs to be adjusted.

Jogging Track

  1. Recommended footwear for the track include jogging shoes, gym shoes, cross trainers, athletic walking shoes, and track shoes without spikes. Street shoes are permitted.
  2. Street clothing and casual attire will be allowed on the Jogging Track. It is our belief that this will not be hazardous to any equipment or participants. This attire is restricted to the Jogging Track.
  3. Running direction is patterned to help reduce leg stress associated with running tight turns. Users help promote safe running conditions by cooperating and running the posted direction for that day. The daily direction is indicated on the sign located at the top of the stairs.
  4. Walkers should stay in the inside lanes. Joggers should use the middle lane. Slower runners and walkers should move to the inside to allow faster runners to pass. Walk, run, or jog no more than two abreast so others have room to pass. It is courteous to tell a slower walker or runner when you are passing as it avoids unnecessary confusion and collisions.
  5. Stretching areas are located adjacent to the track.
  6. Do not spit on floors, walls, or in the water fountains.
  7. Eleven laps equal approximately one mile.
  8. Baby strollers are not permitted.

Cardio and Weight Area

  1. Workout attire must be worn to use the Cardio and Weight areas. Recommended attire includes sweats or shorts, athletic shoes and a non-mesh T-shirt or top. Tank tops, partial shirts or torn shirts are not permitted. Weight gloves are recommended when using free weights. Open-toed shoes and chalk are strictly prohibited.
  2. Users not familiar with the operation of the exercise machines should seek assistance from staff.
  3. The machines and weights should be used with care. Dropping plates, dumbbells, and weight stacks can cause injury, equipment damage, and facility damage.
  4. Users should be courteous to others by limiting the length of their workout at a single station and by observing posted time limits when others are waiting.
  5. Users should only use the machine pin designed for the machine they plan to use. The use of an incorrect pin, and/or the improper insertion of the pin may cause personal injury and/or damage to the machine. Machine pins should remain at the station to which they belong.
  6. If weights, pulleys or other parts become jammed, users should not attempt to free them without staff assistance. Report the problem to the Front Desk staff.
  7. Users should always inspect the equipment for loose, frayed or worn parts before using. If in doubt, do not use the equipment and report the problem to a staff member.
  8. To reduce the chance of injury, users should keep head and limbs clear of weights and moving parts at all times.
  9. All equipment is to be returned to appropriate storage locations after use (i.e., weights must be restacked).
  10. Equipment is to remain at its appropriate location.
  11. Furniture or equipment from other areas may not be moved from area to area without permission of professional staff.
  12. Weights are not to be propped against the walls, pillars or mirrors due to the risk of damage or injury.
  13. Personal belongings may not be left or stored in activity areas.
  14. Spotters are highly recommended at all stations in the free-weight areas.
  15. Participants shall use extreme caution in moving equipment and weights to avoid potential injury to themselves or others.
  16. Utilization of collars in free weight lifting is recommended.
  17. All concerns and maintenance needs should be reported to the Front Desk.
  18. There is a 45 minute limit per individual for using cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting. Please see the Front Desk Attendant if you need assistance.
  19. At no time are persons under the age of 16 permitted in the Weight areas. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the cardio areas. Food is not allowed. Water bottles may be used if they are made of a non-breakable material and contain only water.
  20. Do not stack any additional plates on the selectorized machines.
  21. Please clean all machines and benches after using
  22. The fitness areas are not continuously supervised. Please exercise at your own risk .

Aerobic Studio

  1. Scheduled programming has priority usage of this area.
  2. The room is available for individual workouts during free periods. Workout DVDS are available for check out at the Reception Desk.
  3. Shoes that mark the floor are prohibited.
  4. Bare feet will not be allowed during any activity.
  5. Turn the television and DVD player off when leaving the room. The volume may be adjusted so that you may hear it, but it must remain at a level that does not disrupt other users in the room.
  6. Clothing and bags are to be stored in the locker rooms, storage cubbies.
  7. A group (more that 2 people) may utilize a portion of the room for private use for a period of one hour, or the remainder of the hour Example: Group comes in at 7 p.m.; they may use the room until 8 p.m. The group comes in at 7:15 p.m.; they may use the room until 8 p.m. Should no one be waiting to use the room, the group may continue use for another hour.
  8. A group, or an individual, may hold space for the group for 10 minutes. If no group activity begins at the 10-minute mark, the group must surrender the space to any waiting individual or group.
  9. Groups may reserve the Aerobic Studio by contacting Sara Bynum at 808-4458.
  10. Regular classes are only available for members of the Wellness Center.

Racquetball and Wallyball Courts

  1. Safety goggles are highly recommended. Safety goggles, racquets, and racquetballs are available for checkout at the Reception Desk.
  2. Racquetball racquets that have bumper guards and wrist ropes/straps are recommended.
  3. Court shoes are highly recommended. Any athletic shoes that mark the floor are prohibited.
  4. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  5. Courts may be reserved in advance at the Reception Desk, or by calling (270) 809-6000.
  6. Your name and phone number will be requested at the time of reservation so we may contact you for scheduling changes and conflicts.
  7. All court reservations not claimed by 10 minutes after the hour are forfeited and may be claimed by any eligible user.
  8. If you have reserved a court and someone else is using it and will not relinquish it to you, or if someone is abusing the sign-up procedure in any other way, contact an employee, the Reception Desk, or Building Supervisor. He or she will assist you in addressing the situation.
  9. Reservations for racquetball or wallyball may be made on the hour. Players, or groups of players, may have only one reservation per day unless a surplus of courts is available.
  10. Do not enter court until play has stopped.

Television Lounge Programming

  1. Special programming may be scheduled for the lounge. 
  2. Station selection will be based on a first-come, first-served basis with majority rule. Please allow the staff to operate the TV controls.

Food, Beverage and Tobacco

  1. All types of tobacco use are prohibited. The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted.
  2. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Center.
  3. Food and drink may not be brought into the activity areas. Except during designated functions, water bottles may be used if they are made of a non-breakable material and contain only water.
  4. Please help keep the facility neat and appealing to all users by properly disposing of litter!
  5. Use of the facility while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited.


  1. All users may request an assigned locker for a term through the Reception Desk.Semester Locker Rental $10.00 and Summer Locker Rental $10.00
  2. Contents may be left overnight. Locks provided for term use. Locks may be rented from the Reception Desk.
  3. Daily use lockers are available. All contents must be removed from the daily lockers by the close of each day. 
  4. MSU is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Assistance will be provided in filing a theft report with the proper authorities. Do not bring valuables to the facility. The facility staff is not allowed to hold valuables for users. Clothing and bags are to be stored in the locker rooms or storage cubicles.
  5. Family changing rooms are provided for families. Children will not be allowed in the locker room of the opposite sex.
  6. Day and term use lockers must be cleared of contents by Friday of finals week each semester for cleaning and sanitizing; if not, locks will be removed and items will be confiscated and stored in the Equipment Office for you to pick up.

Lost and Found

  1. Contact the staff at the Reception Desk to inquire about lost clothing and equipment.
  2. Items not claimed within 30 days will be donated to charity.
  3. MSU I.D. cards not claimed within 24 hours are sent to the Racer Card Office located on the first floor of the Curris Center.
  4. Campus Recreation and Wellness Center and MSU are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  1. If an injury occurs, please contact a member of the facility staff immediately.
  2. If you are bleeding prior to, or begin to bleed during any activity, stop the bleeding and cover the afflicted area, if needed, with a bandage prior to returning to the activity. First-aid kits are available at the Reception Desk and pool. Please inform a staff member if blood is on equipment or other facility surfaces.
  3. The University and its staff are not responsible for injuries. All participants are financially responsible for all expenses related to injuries and emergency care, including medical care, ambulance, and other expenses. Medical insurance is strongly recommended for all participants.

Emergency Procedures

  1. In the event of a fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the facility. Please exit the building using the nearest exit.
  2. In the event of a tornado siren or announcement of approaching tornado, all facility users should immediately proceed to one of the 2 locker rooms located adjacent to the selectorized machine area on the east side of the basketball courts.
  3. In the event of a power outage, the use of equipment will not be allowed.
  4. Do not attempt to use elevators in an emergency situation. Exit through the nearest available exit.
  5. Please contact the Reception Desk or staff member in case of an injury.

Center Bulletin Boards

  1. All bulletin boards within the Center are monitored.
  2. Posting of all notices and flyers must receive prior approval from the Fitness Coordinator.

Failure to Abide by Policies and Procedures

  1. Individuals who damage the facilities or equipment will be responsible for the full repair or replacement cost.
  2. Individuals who abuse or damage the facilities, or fail to follow established procedures, may forfeit their right to use the facility.
  3. The preceding guidelines are established with the safety and enjoyment of all participants in mind. Decisions rendered by professional staff on any infraction may be appealed to the Campus Recreation Advisory Committee.


Parking is permitted in the lot just north of Campus Recreation and Wellness Center and south of CFSB Center. 

Equipment issue

The Reception Desk has available equipment for many activities in the Center. All equipment checked out requires an ID. 

Free rental items

  • Basketballs
  • Bath Towels
  • Exercise Videos
  • Jump Ropes
  • Racquetball Rackets
  • Racquetballs
  • Safety Goggles
  • Volleyballs 
  • Wally balls 
  • Weight Belts 
  • Workout Gloves 
  • Workout Towels

ID card policy

Members will be required to have their membership card in order to gain entrance. The membership card must be active. 

Guest passes

  1. Two guests per member per day maximum. Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a paid member at all times.
  2. Member must present Racer Card or Wellness Center ID at Wellness Center reception desk in order to purchase guest pass, which is to be carried by the guest throughout the visit. Guest should complete the application and sign waiver.
  3. $5.00 guest fee will be charged at time of receiving guest pass. This pass is good for one calendar day only.

Group passes

University sponsored groups may request approval for daily/week guest passes during the summer that allow access to the facility. Age restrictions will still apply. These passes are available at a daily or weekly fee per person or at a group rate. Requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the group arrival on campus. Contact the Facility Coordinator or call (270) 809-6000. The daily fee is $5 per person. The weekly fee per person is $15. Group rates are dependent on size of the group, time of usage, and age of the participants.

Assumption of risk

Participants must understand that physical activities contain an element of danger including serious injury. Participation in all activities is on a voluntary basis at the individuals own risk. All participants are strongly encouraged to undergo a physical examination, consult with a physician in regard to appropriate activities for fitness level and to carry medical insurance coverage prior to participating in any activity. Murray State University does not carry medical coverage for participants in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.


Several computer connections are available in the lounge area

Campus Visitors

It is the policy of Murray State University to enable university guests to use all recreational facilities in Campus Recreation and Wellness Center during their stay on campus. Day or Week passes may be purchased for guests to the campus by a department representative. Contact the Reception Desk or call (270) 809-6000 to determine fees and to make purchases. Upon authorization from the department representative, fees may be assessed either to the individual or department.