Greek life at Murray State University offers a unique opportunity for students to associate in organizations centered on community service, social interaction, leadership, scholarship, and athletics. In Greek fraternities and sororities, life-long friends are made, opportunities for personal growth are realized, and students enjoy many opportunities for social interaction.

Approximately 12% of the Murray State University student body belongs to a Greek sorority or fraternity. There are three Greek governing councils: the Interfraternity Council (IFC), which governs fraternities; the National Panhellenic Council (NPC), which governs sororities; and the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), which governs the Divine Nine historically African American fraternities and sororities.

Greek life offers many exciting opportunities common across all three governing councils. Below, see what Greek life offers regarding brotherhood/sisterhood, social activities, intramural sports, leadership development, academic achievement, and community service.


Brotherhood or sisterhood is the primary benefit offered by participation in the Greek community; unfortunately, it is the hardest to explain. The idea of brotherhood or sisterhood refers to the lifelong friendships developed through the unique-Greek process tradition dating back over two hundred years. Most Greek members will attest that their fraternal experience helped them develop friendships much deeper than those formed outside their fraternity or sorority. In the Greek community, members are not fraternity brothers or sorority sisters in name only; rather, they literally feel a mutual fraternal connection.

Intramural Sports

Murray State's Intramural Sports manages a Greek sports league and offers a coveted Greek All-Sports award to the highest-ranked fraternity and sorority (men and women compete separately). Sports include volleyball, flag-football, soccer, basketball, and softball. Greek intramural sports promote brotherhood/sisterhood development and provide opportunity for healthy competition between Greek organizations.

Leadership Opportunities

Each chapter elects numerous leaders from within its membership. These individuals have many different responsibilities, enabling them to develop leadership, communication, and public speaking skills, along with other experiences. Many Greek organizations offer local and national leadership development opportunities. The Greek governing councils elect leaders to govern the fraternities/sororities within their respective councils at Murray State. National Fraternity and Sorority organizations elect leaders from their chapters around the world. Murray State students have held national offices and/or traveled extensively working for their national organization.

Academic Support

Murray State University and the Greek governing councils set academic standards for fraternity and sorority members. To achieve these goals, Greek organizations develop programs intended to enhance members' academic performance. Academic performance is encouraged by both all-Greek programming and individual chapter policies. Murray State's Greek organizations offer support in time management, tutoring, study enhancement and incentives, and class assistance.

Community Service Opportunities

Greek organizations at Murray State are proud to give back to their communities. Each fraternity and sorority sponsors at least one national philanthropy, and most perform community service within the Calloway County community. For example, Greek organizations performed these service-based actives last year: community beautification, canned food drives, outreach to the elderly (ex: raking leaves, nursing home visits), outreach to underprivileged children (ex: hosting Easter egg hunt, big-brother program, etc.), blood drives, and many more. Charitable fund-raising events include talent shows, sporting events, step shows, and inter-fraternal competitions.