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Pullen Farm Garden
Pullen Farm Organic Produce

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The Sustainable Garden at Pullen Farm

Fresh from the farm vegetables, brought to your plate from the University's Sustainable Garden at Pullen Farm - part of Murray State's campus. The garden, while not large enough to provide all produce for the thousands of students to sit down at Dining's tables each day, is a working example of the circle of life.

Starting with all-natural compost from the fruit and vegetable trimmings from campus kitchens, the garden is planted and maintained without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  This is achieved, at least in part, from a technique called companion planting. It is based around the idea that certain plants benefit others when planted next to or close to one another.  Companion planting provides pest control naturally, without the need to use chemicals, and in some cases can yield a larger crop.  Traditional recommendations for companion planting have been used by gardeners for a long time, but recent tests are scientifically proving they work and it's working for Dining Services.

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