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Compost Piles at Pullen

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The summer of 2008 brought a new addition to Pullen Farm.  The site was cleared and the concrete was poured, it's fresh walls holding a treasure within.  There's just one word to describe it - rotten.  Or rotting, to be precise.

On average, Dining's compost program saves five tons of organic matter from the local landfill each semester. 

Each day, the fruit and vegetable trimmings along with used coffee grounds from Dining Services kitchens are sent to the compost site at Pullen Farm to be layered amongst carbon and nitrogen based materials such as lawn clippings.  To maintain the optimum decomposition the pile must be routinely turned and its temperature monitered.  When the time is right, the compost is added to the tilled soil of the garden to nurish the newly planted vegetables, which when ripe will return to the plates of Dining Services.


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