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Dr. Mike Bordieri

Michael Bordieri
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Mississippi
MS, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
BS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests: Psychological flexibility, mindfulness, evidenced based practice, contextual behavioral science, behavior analysis

Telephone: 270.809.2963
Office: Wells Hall 401C
E-mail: mbordieri@murraystate.edu

Dr. Kristy Campbell

Kristy Kilcoyne Campbell
Visiting Assistant Professor
PsyD, Spalding University
MA, Spalding University
BA, Murray State University

Clinical Psychology

Telephone: 270.809.2859
Office: Wells Hall 316
E-mail: kcampbell@murraystate.edu

Dr. Patrick Cushen

Patrick Cushen 
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
MA, University of Illinois at Chicago
BA, Saint Louis University

Research Interests: Problem solving, executive control, creativity and insight, working memory capacity

Telephone: 270.809.2859
Office:  Wells Hall 401D
E-mail:  pcushen@murraystate.edu

Ms Tracie Gilbert

Tracie Gilbert
Minority Teaching Fellow
MS.Ed., University of Pennsylvania
MAIA, Ohio University
BA, Tennessee State University

Telephone: 270.809.3008
Office: Applied Sciences 107C
E-mail: tgilbert2@murraystate.edu

Dr. Jana Hackathorn

Jana Hackathorn
Assistant Professor
PhD, Saint Louis University
MA, University of St. Mary
BA, Park University

Research Interests: Interpersonal and romantic relationships, infidelity, relationship initiation, maintenance, and dissolution

Telephone: 270.809.2857
Office:  Wells Hall 209
E-mail:  jhackathorn@murraystate.edu

Laura Liljequist
PhD, University of South Florida
MA, University of South Florida
BA, DePauw University

Research Interests: Assessment and psychometrics, family dynamics, parenting

Telephone: 270.809.2990
Office:  Wells Hall 401B
E-mail: lliljequist@murraystate.edu 

Dr. Sean Rife

Sean Rife
Assistant Professor
PhD, Kent State University
MA, East Tennessee State University
BS, North Georgia College and State University
AA., Gainesville State College

Research Interests: Interpersonal relationships, social media, social support, technology and society

Telephone: 270.809.4404
Office:  Wells Hall 401A
E-mail:  srife1@murraystate.edu

Dr. Eric Smith

Eric Smith
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Virginia
MA, University of Virginia
BS, Ursinus College

Research Interests: Child development, fictional worlds, pretend play, social cognition

Telephone: 270.809.2858
Office:  Wells Hall 205
E-mail:  esmith39@murraystate.edu

 Dr. Maria Vazquez Brown

Maria D. Vazquez Brown  
Assistant Professor
PhD, Vanderbilt University
MS, Vanderbilt University
BS, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Research Interests: Language development, multilingualism, pragmatic development, social development

Telephone: 270.809.6360
Office:  Wells Hall 204
E-mail: mvazquez@murraystate.edu 

 Dr. Paula Waddill

Paula J. Waddill
Professor and Interim Chair
PhD, Purdue University
MS, University of Tennessee
BS, Oklahoma State University

Research Interests: Episodic memory, memory representations, discourse processing, forensic and educational applications of memory research

Telephone: 270.809.3539
Office:  Wells Hall 212
E-mail: pwaddill@murraystate.edu 

Dr. Dan Wann

Daniel L. Wann
PhD, University of Kansas
MS, Emporia State University
BS, Baker University

Research Interests: The psychology of sport fandom, sport psychology, social well-being, coping strategies, aggression

Telephone: 270.809.2860
Office:  Wells Hall 201
E-mail: dwann@murraystate.edu

Dr. Amanda Watson

Amanda Watson
Assistant Professor
PhD, Virginia Tech
MS, Virginia Tech
BS and BA, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Research Interests: Childhood brain and cognitive development, temperament, social and academic outcomes of early self-regulation

Telephone: 270.809.2097
Office:  Wells Hall 203
E-mail:  awatson22@murraystate.edu


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